Summer Reads

It’s summer here in the Philippines and it’s really HOT! I wonder if that has anything to do with why I haven’t been reading that much lately? The long weekend care of Holy Week has come and gone and I wasn’t even able to finish a book. Then again, I’m feeling a bit under the weather so I mostly slept, hoping that what I have won’t develop into a full-blown sickness. When it comes to summer reading, I think it’s a good idea to read light and fluffy books. People usually go out of town during the summer months and when you’re on vacation like that, you wouldn’t be able to concentrate on heavy reads. Plus, light reads are perfect for the beach, which is the common destination for vacation-goers in the Philippines. My idea of summer reads include Julie James, Jennifer Crusie and contemporary YA books that are easy to fall into. If you have suggestions similar to what I mentioned, feel free to recommend them. I’m always looking for books like these.

Aside from the books that I mentioned above, I also like rereading old favorites while on vacation because it feels like hanging out with old friends. There isn’t much of an effort involved when it comes to rereads because I’m already familiar with the story and I can just let myself be swept away. In the image above, I’m reading Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith in Anawangin Cove in Zambales.

I know it’s only summer here in the Philippines and the rest of the world is experiencing other seasons but I’m interested in knowing what the rest of you enjoy reading during summer. Do you also feel like it’s a great season to just have fun and read light, fluffy books or do you have something different in mind?