Happy 5-Year Anniversary, Andrea K. Höst!

Just a quick mention that Andrea K. Höst is celebrating her five years as a published author with a survey and a giveaway. I would like to congratulate Andrea on five years of writing wonderful stories that readers like me enjoy! 😀

Andrea K. Höst was one of my favorite discoveries last year, and seeing her recent blog post made me realize that I haven’t been promoting her books enough. And that’s a shame because I ADORE her books, especially Touchstone and Medair. The former is YA space opera with an Aussie protagonist while the latter is epic fantasy with adult characters. I’ve reread both since I first discovered them, which is saying something because I don’t get to reread books as much as I would want to… too many new-to-me titles distracting me from doing that. But Andrea’s characters demanded my attention, so back I went to their worlds. My introduction to her writing was actually And All the Stars, another YA sci-fi but a standalone, which I also really liked. Links to my reviews of these books:

Touchstone Trilogy Medair And All the Stars

If you feel like we have similar tastes in books, then you should definitely give Andrea K. Höst’s books a try. I believe the first installment of the Touchstone trilogy, Stray, is even available for free. This post also serves as a reminder to me, to pick up the rest of Andrea’s books that I have on my TBR pile. I will try to read them soon!