New Bookish Necklaces

Weekend before last, my friend and I watched Les Miserables on stage in Singapore. I wanted to buy souvenirs but didn’t find anything I liked, which ended up being a good thing because I bought stuff from a movie memorabilia store in the same building as the theater instead. Here are my new bookish necklaces:

Harry Potter time turner necklace

Time turner from Harry Potter

LOTR one ring necklace

One Ring from Lord of the Rings

If only they worked on real life! I would love to be able to go back in time and to become invisible whenever I wanted to. Sigh, I have to made do with reality. But at least I can wear these the next time I have my bookish outfit on.

Have you seen The Hobbit?

Just a quick post to let you guys know what I’ve been up to this weekend. I watched the film adaptation of The Hobbit and loved it! It’s my first time to watch IMAX 3D (and 48fps too) here in Singapore and I think it’s definitely worth the 22 SGD that I had to pay for the ticket. Both Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage were amazing – all of the actors were but I just wanted to highlight those two because I loved both of them in BBC’s shows (Sherlock for the former and North and South for the latter). It was funny when the preview for Star Trek Into Darkness was being shown, all of us were wondering if we were in the right cinema. I just realized what the preview was about when Benedict Cumberbatch appeared – obviously, that’s another movie I’m excited about.

I wore my All Seeing Eye shirt from Threadless as well as my LOTR stamp pendant yesterday:

All Seeing Eye shirt

My flatmates also gave me this postcard set based on the film:

The Hobbit postcard set

Isn’t it pretty? Sorry pen pals, I will definitely be keeping these postcards instead of sending them to friends. 😛 I had a friend who asked me to tell her if the movie is worth watching in cinemas or if she should just wait for it to come out in DVD. I told her she’s asking the wrong person. So what about you, have you seen the movie? If yes, what did you think of it? 🙂 If no, what are you waiting for? Here’s the trailer to remind you of what you’re missing:

It’s been years since I last read the book. Maybe I should reread it soon to refresh my memory?

Shoot That Book: LOTR map

Shoot That Book combines my passion for books and my tendency to become trigger happy with a camera. My lack of photography skills is compensated by my enthusiasm. Basically, I like taking pictures of books.

When I got my my Lord of the Rings stamp pendant, I was already planning to take pictures of it with one of the books in the series. I got the chance to do that when I went home a few weeks ago. Here’s the stamp with the cover of The Fellowship of the Ring as its background:

LOTR book and pendant

The pendant is a glass-covered stamp that features a map of Middle-Earth. It was a UK stamp released in 2004 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the publication of The Lord of the Rings. Here’s the pendant with the accompanying map in my hardcover edition:

LOTR map and pendant

I think I need to get this All Seeing Eye shirt from Threadless to go with this pendant. I could wear both of them when I watch the movie adaptation of The Hobbit. 🙂

All Seeing Eye

Image from the Threadless website

Stamp Pendants

Book blogger Leila of Bookshelves of Doom has a lovely Etsy shop. She combines two of my favorite things by making pendants from book-themed stamps. For someone who loves books, postcards and stamps as much as I do, you’d think that I would have bought something from her shop a long time ago. I kept resisting because I’ve never tried buying from Etsy before and I’m always a bit hesitant to try shopping from a new-to-me online store. Finally gave in and ordered a few weeks ago. A package was waiting for me when I got to the flat today:

Curious about what’s inside? Check them out:

LOTR map and Matilda pendants

One stamp has a section of a map of Middle-earth from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. The other stamp shows bookworm Matilda, as illustrated by Quentin Blake, from Roald Dahl’s novel of the same name. I would have been thrilled to receive postcards with stamps like these but they’re even better as pendants because now I get to show them off. 😛

LOTR map pendant

What do you think of these stamp pendants? 🙂