Hot Summer Nights by Elizabeth Chandler

I don’t know how I missed reading Hot Summer Nights by Elizabeth Chandler back when I was in high school because her other two books in the Love Stories series, I Do and At First Sight are my favorites. It’s an out of print book but I’m thankful that Celina was able to get one for me. Thanks again, Celina!

Here’s the summary from Goodreads:

Carly McFarlane needs to find a guy… for someone else! Her plan is guaranteed to stop flirty Heather from going after every boy Carly dates: She’ll snare the perfect match for Heather, and then find her own true love.

Carly thinks funny, athletic Jack Ryder is the ideal guy for Heather. But as soon as she sees them together, Carly knows she’s made a big mistake. Will she help her friend hang on to this major hunk… or will she steal him for herself?

Look at that old school cover! I find the outfits hilarious. But then again, that was the fashion in the 90s, when this book was published. Sometimes, it’s refreshing to read an oldie but goodie like this one, where teens don’t have to deal with the cyber age. Based on the title, it’s obvious that the book occurs during summertime. Athletic Carly is working as a counselor for a bunch of first, second and third graders. This summer, she’s determined to set up her best friend Heather with the perfect guy because she’s fed up with Heather stealing the guys that she dates. Carly doesn’t really blame the guys for falling for pretty and delicate Heather, who’s also a ballerina. She finds the perfect guy to match with her best friend in her artistic co-counselor, Jack. He’s good-looking, funny and available. Unfortunately, things backfire when Carly realizes that Jack is indeed perfect but maybe not for Heather.

As always, Elizabeth Chandler has a spunky, sporty female for a main character. They’re not girly in the sense that they don’t bother with pretty outfits or make-up and instead focus on being active and doing sports all day long. I like laid-back girls like that because I feel like we’d get along well (even if I’m not the least bit sporty – I’d probably be athletic if I wasn’t so lazy). One thing I noticed about all of Elizabeth Chandler’s novels in the Love Stories series is that the family of the main character plays a significant role in the story. In this case, what was highlighted was Carly’s relationship with her pregnant older sister, Joelle. I liked the development of Carly and Joelle’s relationship. What bothered me though was how Carly can be best friends with Heather when it seems like Heather is a superficial kind of girl and she’s only interested in guys already attached to Carly. Anyway, I liked the book as a whole because it’s another light and fun read from a favorite author. I hope she writes more of these kinds of stories because I enjoy reading them. I recommend this for fans of Elizabeth Chandler or those who like the Love Stories series.