Neil Gaiman Book Signing

So even though I’m not a huge fan, I gave in and purchased P2,000 worth of Neil Gaiman’s books to get a book signing pass. I took half the day off from work to go to Rockwell and have my Stardust graphic novel and The Graveyard Book signed. Those are my favorites out of Neil Gaiman’s books. It was tiring but a lot of fun! 🙂 I bumped into a couple of people and I’m glad I got to meet Celina and Maricar and we talked about books while waiting for the signing to begin. Yay for new book friends! I was telling heaven_spawn that this was like a rock concert for book geeks. I wish we had something similar to the conferences that they have abroad like Worldcon, BEA or Sirens over here.

Anyway, Neil’s a really great guy. He signed the books with drawings! Check out the pictures. And he’s very friendly, he let people hug him and kiss him. I felt bad that I didn’t bring anything for him because other people brought him calamansi juice, dried mangoes, cards, artworks, etc. But maybe I can email him to thank him. Now that I attended the event, I’m a bigger fan! 🙂 And I want to have my Marvel 1602 and Dream Hunters signed.

Click the pictures to enlarge. I posted pictures of his signature in various books so you can see the different illustrations.

This is what he wrote/drew in my Stardust graphic novel.
More pictures under the cut

It’s starting to feel a lot like my birthday

I really love the month of March! When I was in school, it signified the end of a semester or a quarter and the start of summer vacation. Plus my birthday is on the 29th. After college, the weekends of March were reserved for celebrating my birthday with different groups of friends. This weekend was spent with the Birthday Club and my joint birthday treat with sofa_rocker. As always, good food and great friends made for a fabulous time. I just had to make a post because I’m so happy with this day.

Here’s a quick look at what I got from the group:

Yay, they followed what I wrote in my wish list. 🙂 Lots of books. ♥ I bought the Neil Gaiman books for myself to get a book signing pass.

POB (previously owned books) from the Single Ladies! “Happiness can be found in things!” indeed

Another thing to note – here’s a P20 gift wrapper from Intramuros featuring an old map of the world. I want to have it framed!

Here’s a closer look at the Philippines.

Last but definitely not the least, my brother’s friend gave him a Siberian Husky puppy. Meet Minnie! Such a cutie. 🙂

Great weekend and it hasn’t even ended! I’m calling this month March Madness and won’t resist the urge to buy more books because of used books and sales. I’ll stop buying books in April. Now, I’m off to update my book database and then read. Saturday night with a good book makes me happy.