Christmas in the Office

I wanted to post about the Christmas decorations in our work space because we put so much work into them and I may be biased, but I think they look great. There was a contest to design our work spaces to follow the theme Christmas Carnival. We utilized old boxes, Christmas decorations borrowed from our homes, art materials (art paper, cartolina, wrapping paper), and a whole lot of tape. The results (click to embiggen, all pictures are from my officemate, Evert):

That’s the Christmas tree that we borrowed from our officemate. Here’s our shiny gift train with the ferris wheel in the background:

Another view of the train, can you see all of the gifts, stuffed toys and books on top of it? Guess who brought the books? 😛

The ferris wheel (we were scared the boxes would fall off because we were only allowed to tape them to the wall):

Colorful bump cars:

One of the horses in the carousel:

Some of the booths:

Our windows with a silhouette of a Christmas scene:

So all of that has been keeping me busy the past few weeks (one reason why I haven’t been able to post reviews). It was worth all the trouble though when we found out that we won the contest! 😀 Merry Christmas to all from a book blogger elf: