Shoot That Book: No Electricity = More Reading Time

Shoot That Book combines my passion for books and my tendency to become trigger happy with a camera. My lack of photography skills is compensated by my enthusiasm. Basically, I like taking pictures of books.

What do you do when power is out because of a typhoon? Read with the help of a book light, of course! On my Kindle is Until There Was You by Kristan Higgins and the book behind it is Reader and Raelynx by Sharon Shinn. How crazy does it get when there’s a strong typhoon over here? Trees, branches, rooftops and debris start flying around. Major roads are flooded. Power is out so trains won’t work too. They let us go home early on Tuesday because of all of these so when I got home and there was no electricity, there wasn’t anything else I could do except for my top three favorite activities: read, eat and sleep.