Favorite Literary Couples V

Okay, this post is really late. Every Valentine’s Day, I usually publish a list of my favorite fictional couples from the books that I’ve read in the past year. Unfortunately, the past week has been insanely busy and I wasn’t able to work on my list. During the work week, I was in Kuala Lumpur for a training program and then Saturday is moving day for me. Frankly, I’m exhausted and I’ve barely started unpacking. However, I wanted to put up this post before the end of the weekend. You can check out posts from years past through these links: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013. Isn’t it awesome that I’ve been doing this for five years? 🙂

Image from We Heart It

I’m so happy I discovered Laura Florand’s books early last year (I will be eternally grateful to my friend Michelle for the recommendation) because I adore her romances. They’re sweet, funny and absolutely delectable. Perfect for any reader who enjoys both love stories AND desserts. It’s SO hard for me to choose a favorite couple out of all the books that she’s written because I love them all. But I’ll narrow it down to two couples, one from each of her series: Jaime and Dominique from The Chocolate Touch (Amour et Chocolat) and Allegra and Raoul from A Rose in Winter (La Vie en Roses)

May and Ben from Truly by Ruthie Knox – I had so much fun reading this serial online. Really enjoyed the tension between May and Ben. I loved that eating good food is something that they both enjoy doing. My favorite scenes in the book were whenever Ben wanted to have May try a restaurant with dishes that she’s never had before.

Lily and Rule in the World of the Lupi series by Eileen Wilks – While these two got together fairly early in the series, what I love is how their relationship continued to grow as they learned more about each other. I also enjoyed getting little details about their lives like who prefers cleaning their place vs. doing laundry because of certain personality quirks. I also love that their families are such a huge part of their relationship.

Cassandra and Kaoren in the Touchstone trilogy by Andrea K. Host – Amazing slow burn romance. I’m a sucker for stoic and unreadable characters because you never know what’s going on under the surface. I’m excited to reread this trilogy and dive back into this world. Also looking forward to reading more of Andrea’s books – and hoping that they will also have love stories that I could root for.

Natividad and Ezekiel from Black Dog by Rachel Neumeier – This is a tentative and understated romance, they haven’t gotten together during the course of the book but I’m being hopeful that things will develop in the sequel. I can’t wait to read it! It would be interesting to find out more about Ezekiel.

Because I can never stick to just five, here are the runners-up:
Carrie and Brian from The Story Guy by Mary Ann Rivers
Story and Daniel from Officer off Limits by Tessa Bailey
Nyx and Ignifex from Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge
Cath and Levi from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
Tiger Lily and Peter Pan from Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

That’s it for the romances that I fell in love with in the past months. Have you read some of the books mentioned here? Who would make it to your list of favorite couples if you had one? Hope you all had a great Valentine’s weekend. I’m off to read a few more chapters of The Chocolate Temptation by Laura Florand before going to sleep. Good thing I have some good chocolates on hand.