New Blog Banner by Clarissa Ines

The last time my blog banner was updated was in 2013. As much as I loved the previous design, I wanted a fresh new look for the blog! So I contacted Filipino graphic artist Clarissa Ines to request for her to design artwork specifically for Chachic’s Book Nook. She has designed book covers for romanceclass titles in the past, some examples of which are:

Bucket List to Love Learning to Fall - Anvil Promdi Heart

The Kitchen When It Sizzles What About Today Tame The Kitten

Aren’t they pretty? She doesn’t just design book covers, she’s a romanceclass reader too! That was a pretty good sign that we’d get along well. 🙂 I love pretty things but unfortunately, I can only draw stick figures so I relied on Cla’s expertise in the design process. She gave me some sketches to start with, basically to choose what design to use as a base before moving forward:


I loved all of these! I had to stare at them for a long while before I could decide what to go for. Of course they’re all book-themed, but I feel like all of these designs would have worked well for my blog. Cla said the third one was actually based on my bookstagrams and flatlays. 😛 After seriously considering my options, I went with the second one because I love how it’s a throwback to Cla’s work in designing book covers. I gave her some details that I wanted to be included on the design and she got started on it. She does her own calligraphy and she mentioned that it will be included as part of the design, isn’t that awesome? This was the black and white digital artwork that I got as an update:

Cla Ines blog banner draft

No colors yet but even in just black and white, I think the design is already pretty. 😛 I told her that I would love to have a color scheme that we call “malamig sa mata” in Filipino which I think can roughly translate to cool colors that are pleasant to look at. I said I preferred blues and purples, and she really followed my suggestions! This was the next update, which is a colored version:

Cla Ines blog banner - draft color

I absolutely love the color scheme she used, and look at all the details in the book spine. I had mentioned earlier that I would love for the book cover to have the feel of an antique fairy tale book and I think Cla’ss design is spot-on. I can’t get over how beautifully detailed the book spine and cover edges are. I also asked for cake and coffee to be included because you probably all know by now that I equally love both food and books. 🙂 The genres in the book pile that the girl is sitting on are the genres that I mostly read (with a special shout out to romanceclass). This is close to the final design and she just needed to add in some textures and tweak a few details to get to this:

ChachicsBookNook 2017 banner FINAL

IT’S GORGEOUS! I’m so happy with the final outcome, I told Cla that I’ll probably use this blog banner until I decide to give up on WordPress (which isn’t too much of a strech, given how seldom I blog nowadays :P), and I can also use variations of the design in all my other social media accounts. As a bonus, she sent me the full book cover design that she used as the base before cropping and tilting it:

Cla Ines blog banner - book spread

It was a real pleasure working with Cla because she’s super accommodating, she really paid attention to my requests and incorporated them into the design. If you need to commission graphic art, then I highly recommend that you reach out to Cla because I’m sure she’ll do an amazing job like she did with my banner. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Cla! You are the best. 😀

YAY, now my blog looks amazing! I hope this encourages me to write even more posts for this blog. 🙂 What do you guys think of this new blog banner? Would love to hear from you, and I’m sure Cla will also appreciate getting some feedback.

Stuff No One Told Me Webcomic

I discovered a great new webcomic today care of my friend. It’s called Stuff No One Told Me and is illustrated by Alex Noriega. She sent this one and I could totally relate, especially this Monday morning. I had a hard time trying to choose just one to show you guys but I finally decided on this:

I laughed out loud at that one. Some of my other favorites are this, this, this and this. Okay, enough now. I can go on and on but I think it would be better if you guys just go on over there and check out the rest of his stuff. Happy Monday morning, everyone. 🙂

New Banner

My friend Kim Bartolome has graciously created a banner for my blog. Click on the link on your Google Readers or email alerts to see how the newly uploaded banner looks and let me know what you guys think. Isn’t it cute? A little girl sitting on top of books. I think it suits the layout. Also, please click on my friend’s name to check out the rest of his artwork over at his deviantart site.

Just for fun, here’s the artwork in progress:

Click on the images to make them bigger. Thanks Kim, I really appreciate it! 🙂 Great artwork, as usual.

The Queen by Melissa Nucera

As I was browsing through the blog of Chelle of Tempting Persephone, I saw her post about this beautiful artwork and decided to check out the artist’s site. The artist, Melissa Nucera, really does amazing art! I like the one already posted in Tempting Persephone but this one’s my favorite:

The Queen by Melissa Nucera
Click to enlarge.

For some reason, it reminds of the Queen of Attolia because of her dark hair and because she looks burdened and tired. I love the emotion of the artwork and the dreamy tone set by the artist. If this was a book cover, I’d be tempted to get the book just for that beautiful artwork.

Check out more of the artist’s work here.

Beauty and the Beast Artwork

I asked my friend Kim to draw his own version of Beauty and the Beast and here’s what he came up with:

Beauty and the Beast, concept art by Kim Bartolome
(Click to see the full version)

I like it because it looks nothing like the Disney version. I also like that the Beast really looks like a scary creature but he has such a mild and peaceful expression. What do you guys think? I’m sure he’d love to get feedback.