About That Night by Julie James

I love Julie James. She’s my favorite contemporary romance author. Not only have I read and reviewed all of her books in my blog, I’ve recommended them to so many friends. Her latest title, About That Night, is part of the FBI/US Attorney series. Some of the characters in the first two books, Something About You and A Lot Like Love have cameos in this installment. I believe her novels are standalones but you’d have a better appreciation of the characters if the books are read in order.

Here’s the summary from Julie James’ website:

About That Night by Julie James coverHE’S PLAYING GAMES.

Though Rylann Pierce tried to fight the sparks she felt for billionaire heir Kyle Rhodes the night they met, their sizzling chemistry was undeniable. But after being stood up on their first date, Rylann never expected to see him again. So when she finds herself face-to-face with Kyle in a courthouse nine years later, she’s stunned. More troubling to the beautiful assistant U.S. attorney is that she’s still wildly attracted to him.


Just released from prison, Kyle Rhodes isn’t thrilled to be the star witness in a high-profile criminal case — but when Rylann comes knocking at his door, he finds she may be the one lawyer he can’t say no to. Still as gorgeous and sharp-tongued as ever, she lays down the law: she doesn’t mix business with pleasure. But Kyle won’t give up on something he wants — and what he wants is the one woman he’s never forgotten…

Julie James’ novels are so much fun. They’re the book equivalent of chick flicks for me and I really enjoy going through them. The two other novels in the FBI/US Attorney series are romantic suspense and I love how About That Night is more romantic comedy than anything else. I found Kyle such an intriguing character when he was first introduced in his twin sister Jordan’s book, A Lot Like Love. I thought his cyber crime was amusing and I immediately wanted to find out more about the Twitter Terrorist. I enjoyed getting to know him – back when Rylann first meets him as a grad student and later on as the infamous computer genius who managed to shut down Twitter while he was drunk and angry. Similar to his sister Jordan, Kyle isn’t a snob even if he’s heir to his father’s billion-dollar empire. Their parents brought them up to be hardworking and down-to-earth. I thought it was nice that his financial status wasn’t that big of an issue between him and Rylann. I liked that Kyle and Rylann had history together – they only got to hang out that one night but it meant so much to both of them. They’re kind of each other’s “the one who got away” and that nicely sets the stage when they see each other again. When it comes to Julie James’ novels, there’s always plenty of witty banter between her two intelligent main characters. There’s a lot of sarcastic comments and teasing around before the characters even act on their attraction.

What I love about Julie James’ novels is how believable the relationships in her novels are and how it’s easy to relate to her characters even if you don’t have that much in common with them. I think this is because her novels are so detailed. I know next to nothing about hacking into Twitter or being an Assistant US Attorney (I don’t even live in the US) but because Kyle and Rylann are fully fleshed out characters, I found it easy to root for them. Is it just me or are Julie James’ novels getting steamier and steamier? Not that I’m complaining. 😛 It’s just that I’ve noticed that her first two novels have fade to black love scenes and only the FBI/US Attorney novels have more detailed sexytimes. After I finished reading About That Night, I had the same thought I always get after reading a Julie James novel: I want more. I keep wishing there were more books in her back list so I’d have more to read. Sadly, I have to wait until next year for a new book. Looking forward to hearing more details about her next novel. Based on her website, the next one will also be a part of the FBI/US Attorney series but still no news on who the main characters are going to be.

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