romanceclass origins: Clare E. Marquez

romanceclass origins

romanceclass is a community of authors and readers who gather together to support indie published contemporary romance written by Filipino authors. Whether they’re a reader or an author, all community members have their romanceclass origin story… various stories of how and when they joined the community. romanceclass origins is a blog feature that highlights these origin stories.

Visit the earlier romanceclass origins posts here. Today, romanceclass author Clare E. Marquez, nicknamed Jang, shares how she first found out about the community. Jang is one of the sweetest people I’ve come to know through the group, she’s so thoughtful and always has something nice to say in any situation. Thank you for being a guest on my blog today, Jang!


1) How did you discover romanceclass?

A friend of mine, Veron, told me about an online writing class that Mina V. Esguerra will facilitate in March of 2015. She was an avid follower of Mina and when she saw her advise, she thought of asking me to join her in this class. So I did and it was one of the best things that happened to me in terms of reviving my dream of being a writer.

Writing took a backseat after college for me. I had some scribbles here and there, mostly unfinished scenes, dialogues, stories that really never saw the light of day. I have notebooks since I was ten with all stories. My goal in attending Mina’s class was to just finish a full-length novel in less than 3 months – that was the length of the class – and that’s what happened. I was so happy about it.

Jang - Romanceclass 2015

So from Mina, I discovered this world of Filipino authors who write in English. I attended #AprilFeels in 2015 at the Pegi Waffles and met in person Filipino authors, experienced my first live reading of #GaHoates (Gio Gahol and Rachel Coates). It was so much fun but more than anything so meaningful to me. I was in awe and so impressed by everyone. It was a great place to be for people like me who loves to read – and write! – romance novels. I felt I was in a good place with the company of amazing people. So I started following other members of #romanceclass in Twitter, always checking out the happenings of the community.

When my first novel Simply Joei was chosen by Anvil as one of the novels to be printed from the 2015 class of Mina, I was ecstatic. It was nothing I expected but everything I hoped for. I learned a little about the ins and outs of traditional publishing when I was dealing with Anvil. Then I also learned about self-publishing and the #romanceclass people are the most selfless, supportive people one can find in this industry. All people I’ve messaged, whether I met in person or not, have helped me patiently, answered my questions and was so open to any other help I needed. So two months after Simply Joei was launched by Anvil in 2017, I launched my self-published book Just Kate in April 2017.

Again, the support of #romanceclass was unbelievable and I have never been luckier to find a place where I am so proud to belong.


2) What does being part of the romanceclass community mean to you?

To belong to a community that pushes you forward to be the best you can be, who accepts you for who and what you are and understands your passion – supports you selflessly – is a GIFT. #Romanceclass membership is a special gift to me, one I know I will forever be grateful for.

Being a member of #romanceclass means the world to me. It opened many doors for me, introduced me to awesome people (the best!) and I learned so many things about writing, publishing, (also food, k-pop, science, arts, politics, theater, Minola oil, among other things). When I participated in the #GoReadWrite2017 event at Raffles in 2017, it was so wonderful to share the experience with veteran and first time authors like me. I know for sure I would not have done anything I did in the last two years – writing, publishing, public speaking – without the #romanceclass community. I witnessed first-hand the unwavering, generous support the community has for each other. The community lift up each other and we have the pompoms to prove it.

My heart will forever be grateful for this world-class community and to be part of it is something I will always wear in my heart.

Jang - Go Read Write Panel 2017


3) What are your recommended romanceclass reads?

There are A LOT of books written by #romanceclass authors and here are some of my favorites:

Learning to Fall by Mina Esguerra
Midnights in Bali by Carla de Guzman
All’s Fair in Blog and War by Chrissie Peria
Sounds Like Summer by Six de los Reyes
The Real Score by Kesh Tanglao
The Duke Takes a Bride by Suzette de Borja
Bucket List to Love by C.P. Santi
Keeping the Distance by Clarisse David

Learning to Fall Midnights in Bali All's Fair in Blog and War Sounds Like Summer

The Real Score The Duke Takes a Bride Bucket List to Love The Duke Takes a Bride


Clare E. MarquezClare Elisabeth Marquez enjoys sitting in her pajamas while looking out the window from her amazingly massive writer’s desk, reveling in the glorious beauty of snow-capped mountains as she sips her warm, soothing coffee.

Then she wakes up. And writes.

A closet romantic through and through, C.E. Marquez is a voracious reader, writer, and dreamer, never failing to believe that dreams can come true for those who wait… and do something about it! Her towering piles of notes of handwritten stories (which she started collecting when she was ten!) are her well-kept treasures, tattered and bruised, but still waiting for their chance to see the light.

She writes about things that matter: love, life, and everything else in between.

You can contact her through authorcemarquez@gmail. com — but only if you want her to reply!

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


romanceclass origins: E.K. Gonzales

romanceclass origins

romanceclass is a community of authors and readers who gather together to support indie published contemporary romance written by Filipino authors. Whether they’re a reader or an author, all community members have their romanceclass origin story… various stories of how and when they joined the community. romanceclass origins is a blog feature that highlights these origin stories.

Visit the earlier romanceclass origins posts here. I have not had the pleasure of meeting E.K. in person but we have interacted online, and I’m so glad she’s here on the blog today to share her introduction to the romanceclass community. Thank you for being here, E.K.!


1) How did you discover romanceclass?

My relationship with romanceclass is a long story. ^^;;

I come into it first knowing Ana Tejano, Liana Bautista, Stella Torres, and Anne Plaza from Pinoywrimos, and maybe learned about the Mina V. Esguerra from invites to speak and such.

From that I learned of the first formal romanceclass session. I flunked epically; I dropped out on outline stage. Boss Ana Tejano actually finished a book. So did Chrissie Peria, so I was hooked with All’s Fair in Blog and War. And yet when I visited the event that had the completed works, I was greeted happily by people. I was allowed to stay in the Facebook group, so I did.

I also tried for #heistclub, an event monitored by romanceclass, but also dropped out on that. And yet I was welcomed to things. There was also the #JustWritePH event, also monitored by romanceclass. I WAS able to finish a short story for that, and met a few more people. If I’m not mistaken there was an earlier romanceclassYA class, but I also dropped out of that one.

It is also true what Tara Frejas says that I first met her during a one-on-one online publishing seminar where it was just me and Tara and Mina. It was fun (I apologize for giving Mina a lot of trouble), I had a lot of coffee, I learned about Paper Planes Back Home, and I launched a book onto Amazon, yay!

Eventually the romanceclass events happened, so I started going to the ones I could. More people are met that way. More books were read that way. I also started attending the various workshops that Mina and friends offered. I met some more people that way.

So I was slowly brought into the growing romanceclass community that way, by meeting people who knew people who knew people. Now, besides the awesome internationally-known authors, I know several local theater actors in a way I never expected in my wildest dreams, but here we are.

I also managed to finish the most recent romanceclassYA event (whew!), so there’s that. Progress. 🙂

Flock of indie romance authors 😍 (mibf)

A post shared by EKmisao (@komikninja) on

2) What does being part of the romanceclass community mean to you?

For quite a while I felt ‘Really? I am part of this community? Are you all sure?’. Especially because I dropped out of more than one class run by romanceclass people, and I don’t have a romanceclass book out. And yet everyone has made me feel welcome, in various ways. I get full hugs and hellos from lots of people during events. I got cheers for planning not a dress to FeelsSoProm (it’s important to me). People also like Atom (ehehe).

Some have even helped me with personal, non-romance book projects (Thank you Janus! Thank you your highness! and Thank you Tara for the help! and thank you to everybody for all the RTs of my stuff). If the Tales of the Activated are on the nets, it’s because of romanceclass, and I will always be grateful. Actually the book 2 may be a better thing because of knowing romanceclass.

I am grateful for the lessons in aspects of self-publishing: preparing the book for publishing, getting a cover made, getting it up on Amazon and other places, having a social media presence. I am thankful for all the lessons in the writing craft in general. I am a much better writer for having them. I am also grateful for the constant reminding that the author owns rights. It has been very helpful.

This being accepted unconditionally by a writing community has been wonderful. Thank you to all of you.

3) What are your recommended romanceclass reads?

I still need to read a lot of the books, but of those I have read, I will recommend.

The Interim Goddess of Love trilogy by Mina Esguerra, my gateway to the queen Mina and her world
All’s Fair in Blog and War by Chrissie Peria
Keep the Faith by Ana Tejano
Ghost of a Feeling by Celestine Trinidad, because friend of three worlds, and this is really good
If the Dress Fits by Carla de Guzman
Sounds Like Summer by Six Delos Reyes, because I needed it
Beginner’s Guide: Love and Other Chemical Reactions by Six Delos Reyes
Start Here by various authors, because I really needed it
Promdi Heart by various authors
Scandalized by Tara Frejas
Like Nobody’s Watching by Tara Frejas, because Fred… and because Pio

Interim Goddess of Love_digital cover All's Fair in Blog and War Keep the Faith Ghost of a Feeling

If the Dress Fits Sounds Like Summer Beginner's Guide - Love and Other Chemical Reactions Start Here - ebook

Promdi Heart Scandalized Like Nobody's Watching


EK Gonzales_IconEK Gonzales is a speculative fiction writer who follows indie komiks and follows the awesome Pinoy romance writers of romanceclass. She (they is cool, if you like) has a writing history that includes publication in Philippine Genre Stories, Philippine Speculative Fiction volume 4 and 10, and Ruin and Resolve. She will always be grateful for being a part of the #romanceclass community.

Image artwork by Mel Casipit.

Instagram: @komikninja
Facebook: @pinoykomikninja
Twitter: @ek_phwriter

romanceclass origins: Jay E. Tria

romanceclass origins

romanceclass is a community of authors and readers who gather together to support indie published contemporary romance written by Filipino authors. Whether they’re a reader or an author, all community members have their romanceclass origin story… various stories of how and when they joined the community. romanceclass origins is a blog feature that highlights these origin stories.

Visit the earlier romanceclass origins posts here. I have loved all of the romanceclass origins posts that I’ve received and I’m grateful to everyone who has joined so far (HUGE THANKS ❤ ) but I just have to say that this is the first that has made me tear up. Huhuhu why, Jay, why?

Without further ado, please give romanceclass author Jay E. Tria a warm welcome to this book nook!


Jay - StrangeLit from Chiqui Perez3

1) How did you discover romanceclass?

I had a book and no idea what to do with it. I’ve tried querying international agents and had a couple of polite rejections and a lot of ignored emails. The more I read and the deeper I went into figuring out how to get published, the more I felt that maybe this would be a hard path for a Filipino author to take. I felt like I had to look for someone – an agent, a publishing house – who was looking for an author who lived where I lived and who wrote the things I did, and it felt like such a specific task. A good-as-impossible scenario. So while in that state, researching on how Filipino authors get published, I came across several magic, life-changing words: self-publishing, Mina V. Esguerra, and #romanceclass. I found Mina’s blog Publishing in Pajamas, read almost all of her posts and bookmarked this one post about how she did it–wrote and published her book. I read it so many times like an adobo recipe I was determined not to fail. I clung onto that for strength to continue wanting and working to be published. I learned about her company Bronze Age Media and sent her an email asking if they accept manuscripts for publication. (Mina, if you’re reading this, please don’t go back and reread that email because all the cringing my goodness. I am so sorry /cries) Two years later (yes, it took me this long), I gathered up all I had and called her while on lunch break at the office to ask about getting an editor. She was very nice and very patient. I had a lot of questions. A lot. I remember the call getting cut and my anxiety at having to call again. But I did. I called again and asked more questions. I was instructed to send my manuscript and wait. I sent and waited. This was Blossom Among Flowers. While that’s happening, I went through old drafts and found one I’ve been working on and off for a few years. I finished it. By the time Layla Tanjutco emailed me, the first draft was done so I sent it to her. This was Songs of Our Breakup. While that’s happening I also joined #StrangeLit and yay, yes finished an urban fantasy. This was Majesty. I released Blossom Among Flowers first, and then Songs of Our Breakup before that workshop was done, with about a month in between. I remember Mina retweeting my SOOB tweet and saying I was a #StrangeLit participant. I remember her using the #romanceclass tag when she finished reading the book and said she liked it. ‘Lovely book,’ she said. The memory still gives me unicorn wings. I joined the Facebook group and made a warm nest of the community, its people. This was late 2015. I remember crying a little inside and thinking hey, look at that, I got to publish my book. Books. It’s not impossible after all.

Jay - StrangeLit

2) What does being part of the romanceclass community mean to you?

Why are these questions making me cry, Chachic? It’s not the questions, it’s me? Okay let’s carry on. #romanceclass to me means possibilities. It means enablement and empowerment. It means you can do what you love while also doing the other things you’re good at. You don’t have to choose. In some ways, you can have it all. It means finding your people. For the longest, longest time I was the only person I knew who had voices in her head, running daydreams, episodic memories, imaginary people, stories that were loud and won’t shut up even after years and years. I had no one to talk to and no one who understood. I had bookworm friends sure, but it’s just not the same. People knew I wrote and that writing was my ‘thing’, but they didn’t know about my romance fiction. They were not allowed to know about my romance fiction. Joining #romanceclass felt so cathartic. It felt like freedom, like coming home. Also, we have pretty, wonderful people and we talk a lot about feels and abs. That’s always nice.

Jay - StrangeLit from Chiqui Perez2

3) What are your recommended romanceclass reads?

It’s like asking me to choose a favorite ice cream flavor. Chachic, please take time to evaluate how mean this question is. I still need to answer it? Okay fine. Top of mind, okay? What You Wanted by Mina V. Esguerra, Only A Kiss by Ines Bautista Yao, Choco Chip Hips by Agay Llanera, Bucket List to Love by C.P. Santi, Waiting in the Wings by Tara Frejas, Sounds Like Summer by Six delos Reyes, What About Today by Dawn Lanuza, Takedown trilogy by Bianca Mori, Cover (Story) Girl by Chris Mariano, Loveless. Childless. Clueless. by Miren B. Flores, The Queen’s Game by Carla De Guzman, Don’t Tell My Mother by Brigitte Bautista, Fall Like Rain by Ana Tejano. Uggh there’s so many and it feels like I’m missing to mention a lot. Obviously this is not an exhaustive list. I have a lot a lot a lot to catch up on, and isn’t that the best problem? The thing you need to know though (I mean you, reader, if you’re new to #romanceclass) is that the magic of this community is that there are so many authors with such distinct voices, all bearing their own truths, that you are sure to find your book boyfriend, your story, the book (books!) that will belong to you.

What You Wanted Only a Kiss Choco Chip Hips Bucket List to Love Waiting in the Wings

Sounds Like Summer What About Today In Too Deep Cover Story GirlLoveless Childless Clueless

Queen's Game Don't Tell My Mother Fall Like Rain


Jay E. Tria is inspired by daydreams, celebrity crushes, a childhood fascination of Japanese drama and manga, and an incessant itch to travel. She writes contemporary young adult and new adult romance. Sometimes, paranormal fantasy too.

Visit her website

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wattpad: jayetria

romanceclass origins: Chris Mariano

romanceclass origins

romanceclass is a community of authors and readers who gather together to support indie published contemporary romance written by Filipino authors. Whether they’re a reader or an author, all community members have their romanceclass origin story… various stories of how and when they joined the community. romanceclass origins is a blog feature that highlights these origin stories.

Visit the earlier romanceclass origins posts here. In my own romanceclass origins post, I mentioned that author Chris Mariano and I are “batchmates” because I knew her even before she became a romanceclass author. I’m thrilled that she’s here on the blog today, to share how she’s been a part of the community. Please give a warm welcome to Chris for her guest post for romanceclass origins!

Chris and Chachic - Jan 2018


1) How did you discover romanceclass?
I participated in Mina V. Esguerra’s Author at Once workshop so I was already following her on Facebook. When she posted about organizing a ‘romance class’ to share her writing techniques, I didn’t want the chance to pass me by. My friend Chrissie Peria and I signed up, and the rest is history.

This is my idea of a good time. ☀️🌊📚

A post shared by Chris Mariano (@islandstorygirl) on

2) What does being part of the romanceclass community mean to you?
The romanceclass community is my people. It is a support group, cheering squad, critique circle, and book club all in one. When you surround yourself with people who not only share the same interests, but who are also genuinely encouraging and inspiring, then nothing seems impossible.

I have always loved romance, but I never finished anything I wrote (unless you count the Sweet Dreams-type stories I wrote back in high school). romanceclass made it possible for me to actually complete my own novella and self-publish it, and to do it alongside other talented writers who were also just figuring it out by themselves. I guess it always felt that we were all in this together, your-success-is-my-success, walang iwanan. I’ve always tried to be generous with what I’ve learned so far because that is what the community has been to me. I know that I couldn’t have gotten very far without it, and I will always be grateful.

romanceclass is a family of not just writers, but also readers, bloggers, and even live readers. I love that it has grown so organically from that small table of authors at our first class. I don’t think Mina went, “I want to build a community so by November 20XX, I should be done with Step 1: inviting readers to join.” People wrote, people published, people shared tips, people contributed, people did what they felt like doing – and here we are now. To mis-quote Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.”

3) What are your recommended romanceclass reads?
A lot! I always dread having to pick favorites among my #romanceclass books because really, how can I choose? Some nice titles to start with include:
Keep the Faith by Ana Tejano
Dare to Love by C.P. Santi
What You Wanted by Mina V. Esguerra
No Strings Attached by Mina V. Esguerra
Waiting in the Wings by Tara Frejas
Chasing Waves by Bianca Mori
Choco Chip Hips by Agay Llanera
Promdi Heart (because love your own)

Keep the Faith Dare to Love What You Wanted No Strings Attached_New Cover

Waiting in the Wings Chasing Waves Choco Chip Hips Promdi Heart


Chris Mariano - Author-PhotoChris Mariano writes contemporary romance and speculative fiction. Once upon a time, her short story “A Kind of Flotsam” won 1st Place in the 3rd Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards and judge Neil Gaiman called it ‘beautifully done.’ She was also a fellow for Poetry in English at the 34th UP National Writers Workshop.

She is a freelance writer and editor living in Juneau, Alaska. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America and its Alaska Chapter. When she’s not reading an insane amount of historical romances, she immerses myself in armchair astronomy and tabletop roleplaying games.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


romanceclass origins: H. Bentham

romanceclass origins
romanceclass is a community of authors and readers who gather together to support indie published contemporary romance written by Filipino authors. Whether they’re a reader or an author, all community members have their romanceclass origin story… various stories of how and when they joined the community. romanceclass origins is a blog feature that highlights these origin stories.

First post for this feature can be found here. And today, we have author H. Bentham on the blog for his guest post for romanceclass origins. Please give him warm welcome!


1) How did you discover romanceclass?

My first writing class was actually #StrangeLit in 2015 and although Mina V. Esguerra was one of the mentors, I didn’t really know of the community until after that class was over. See, I wasn’t able to finish my ambitious novella for that – it’s still in progress to this day, tbh – and as I was tweeting to cheer on everyone else, I got to talk to other authors who were part of this community. One of those authors was Jay E. Tria, whose Songs of Our Breakup opened the doors to this marvelous world of Filipino Romance for me. Other authors who welcomed me to the fold were C.P. Santi (Be Careful What You Wish For), Tara Frejas (Paper Planes Back Home), Ana Tejano (Fall Like Rain) and Chris Mariano (Cover (Story) Girl).

I will admit that I have not given the romance genre, and Filipino books for that matter, the time of the day before I got my hands on these, but now I don’t read much of anything else aside from romance and my favorite books are by Filipino writers.

Eventually, I joined #romanceclass2016 and finally got to finish a manuscript of my own! And while that MS will probably never see the light of day (I was deeply problematic back then, don’t ask) one of my other stories reached publication a year after, through Summer Feels!

H. Bentham - romanceclass origins

Ben’s first romanceclass TBR pile

2) What does being part of the romanceclass community mean to you?

It means I get to do the things I love most – reading and writing – alongside people who get it. The kilig and abs the community constantly deliver (from the books, to the live-readings, to the Facebook Group discussions!) is a wonderful bonus!

I am very grateful to everyone, especially Mina and all the other authors I look up to, for allowing readers and beginning writers like me have this safe space to discuss things we’re passionate about, while also supporting us in reaching our dreams. I mean, I knew what I wanted to read about, what I wanted to write about and I’ve joined a ton of reading/writing groups because of that but only #romanceclass allowed me to learn the HOW to do it. It allowed me to experiment, to make mistakes, and essentially, to be my true self.

Honestly, becoming an actual writer is an amazing thing to achieve, but having all these wonderful people and call them friends? That’s the best part. 🙂

H. Bentham - romanceclass origins

Author Jay E. Tria signs something for Ben

3) What are your recommended romanceclass reads?

The thing with #romanceclass books is if you enjoy even 1 short story in the catalogue, you’ll CRAVE to read more of it. And then you’ll discover each book has this special something of their own while still staying true to the trademark #romanceclass kilig! It then becomes impossible to recommend even a just handful. LOL. Still, here’s my attempt to list my favorites:

  • Chic Manila Series by Mina V. Esguerra
  • Playlist Series – by Jay E. Tria
  • THE MULTI-AUTHOR ANTHOLOGIES, OMG: Kids These Days, Make My Wish Come True, Summer Feels, Summer Crush, Promdi Heart, 12 Months of Romance | 24 Stories to Love, and the upcoming Start Here!
  • Another Word for Happy by Agay Llanera
  • Don’t Tell My Mother by Brigitte Bautista
Love Your Frenemies - 2018 edition Songs of Our Breakup Another Word for Happy Don't Tell My Mother

Kids These Days Make My Wish Come True Summer Feels Summer Crush

Promdi Heart 12 Months of Romance Start Here - ebook

That’s my top of mind faves. LOL. I’m pretty sure I missed out on some of my favorite authors but I’m pretty sure the anthologies more than cover up for it.

Thank you Chachic for having me in your blog (so cute)! I didn’t expect to answer that second question so dramatically, but what can I say? I love talking and writing about romanceclass so much!


H. BenthamH. Bentham’s stories are inspired by daydreams and aspirations that are not entirely his own. He wrote “Guide for A Day” for Summer Feels, a #romanceclass Anthology; and “The Watch Repairman’s Son” in the multi-genre anthology Beyond Light and Darkness. Reach him: @bentchbites everywhere (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Wattpad) and


romanceclass origins: A New Blog Feature

romanceclass origins

I’m thrilled to introduce a new blog feature called romanceclass origins! If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you would have heard me mention romanceclass several times. If you’re new here, romanceclass is a community of:
– Authors who attended romanceclass, the steamy reads, YA classes organized by Mina V. Esguerra
– Readers of the books by those authors
– Readers of English-language romance books by Filipino authors

Basically a group of authors and readers who gather together to support indie published contemporary romance written by Filipino authors. The first actual class was held in 2013. Since then, 78 authors have written and published more than 150 books (some have gone on to be traditionally published both locally in the Philippines and internationally). Alongside that growth, the community has also gained a solid readership base that will hopefully keep growing in time.

Whether they’re a reader or an author, all community members have their romanceclass origin story… various stories of how and when they joined the community. These are what I want to highlight with romanceclass origins. The blog posts would be interesting for community members, and would also serve as an introduction to romanceclass for those who aren’t familiar with it. I would like to thank Mina and Layla for helping me come up with the feature name when we recently met up, and for Miles Tan for creating the logo for this feature. I’m keeping it simple with three questions, and I thought it would be fun to start things off with my own answers. 🙂

1) How did you discover romanceclass?
I met Mina and have read her books before she started romanceclass. Authors Chris Mariano and Ana Tejano were book bloggers like me before their romanceclass books were published, so I feel like we’re sort of batchmates. 😛 I love reading and supporting books written by Filipino authors so that’s what I’ve been doing ever since romanceclass books have been released, and that’s how I started meeting other members of the community.

2) What does being part of the romanceclass community mean to you?
I’m very grateful to be part of the romanceclass community, in various capacities over the years. I borrowed my good friend April’s words and have called myself a romanceclass ninja, because I feel like that best describes and encapsulates my involvement in the community. I’ve talked about having a sense of belonging in the worldwide online book community in a previous post, and that’s how I feel about being a member of the romanceclass community. I feel like I’ve carved out a niche for myself, and I’ve found people who enjoy reading as much as I do, read the same type of books that I like (ROMANCE), and are more than happy to have discussions about these books. More than that, I enjoy actively participating in the various events that the romanceclass community has, or even just the impromptu meet ups with other readers and authors. I love that being involved in the community simply means putting your hand up when something is needed, or randomly volunteering to do something that you think would be beneficial to other people. I feel like the romanceclass community is such a supportive, warm and welcoming group. I have met so many wonderful people through romanceclass, and it will take way too long to list all of them. You know who you guys are, and I want to thank all of you for making me feel like I’ve found my people. ❤

Some pictures to show how much fun we have, swipe left to see everything:

3) What are your recommended romanceclass reads?
Here are some of the titles I’ve enjoyed reading, linked to my reviews if I have them:

Fairy Tale Fail 2017 Learning to Fall Better At Weddings Than You cover Iris After the Incident What You Wanted

Cover-Story-Girl Choco Chip Hips Loveless Childless Clueless One Night at the Palace Hotel Feels Like Summer

Mina is one of the most prolific authors in the group, so I’ve read and enjoyed the most number of books written by her, but there are many other authors in my TBR list. I actually feel bad that my TBR pile is longer than the list of books that I’ve already read. Forgive me for being a slow reader! I feel like romanceclass authors publish books faster than I can read them. All of these books are available as Kindle editions on Amazon, so you can get a copy wherever you are as long as you have an Amazon account.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this first ever romanceclass origins post! I’m hoping to make this a weekly feature, but we’ll see how it goes. I’ll be asking some of the romanceclass authors and readers I know personally to join this, but please feel free to reach out to me if you want to participate. 🙂 To those joining the FeelsFest 2017 event tomorrow, see you soon!