Gandang Ganda sa Sariling Gawa

Last Saturday, the Gandang Ganda sa Sariling Gawa art / zine / book fair was held in the Cultural Center of the Philippines. This event was organized by Gantala Press and featured Filipino female authors and creators.

Gandang Ganda sa Sariling Gawa

Here are photos that I uploaded on the day itself, showing some of the products available there. Swipe to see everything:

It was seriously difficult to narrow down what to get because I wanted so many things! My haul includes comics, postcards and stickers which you can see below (again, swipe to see everything):

As mentioned in one of the captions above, this kind of event is a great for readers like me who are interested in supporting local female authors and artists and komikeras. I hope there will be more like it in the future!

3 thoughts on “Gandang Ganda sa Sariling Gawa

  1. Awwww. Huhuhu so sad that I came down with the flu over the weekend. I was really looking forward to going to this.

    • Oh no! Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well. Hope you’re feeling better now. Which titles were you interested in? Kasi if you want Haliya Publishing titles, they’re available online. And the rest of the comics will be available during summer Komikon next month.

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