romanceclass YA-themed events

romanceclass-logoromanceclass is a community of authors and readers who gather together to support indie published contemporary romance in English written by Filipino authors.

romanceclass hosts regular Feels events (examples: Feels So Prom and Feels Fest) but aside from these, the group has also hosted several young adult-themed events. Last year I was able to join two romanceclass school events. The first one was held in November at St. Theresa’s College in Quezon City. Author Carla de Guzman graduated from this school and she kicked off the event by talking about her own experience as a writer. Mina V. Esguerra then shared some information about romanceclass as a community. She talked about the kind of books that authors write, and gave some examples of reviews and reactions from readers and bloggers. Then actors Migs Almendras and Salve Villarosa did what has become a signature romanceclass event staple: live readings. They read excerpts from the following romanceclass titles:

Freshman Girl and Junior Guy by Mina V. Esgurra
Settle the Score by Tara Frejas
The Queen’s Game by Carla de Guzman
Holiday Crush by Suzette de Borja.

romanceclass STC - Carla

romanceclass STC Mina

romanceclass STC - Salve and Migs

It was so much fun seeing the students reacting to the live readings! There was a Q and A portion but I think most of them were too shy to ask questions.

romanceclass STC

romanceclass STC - with Mina and Carla

The next school event I was able to join was held in December at Mandaluyong Science High School. This was a fun event for me because I graduated from a science high school (ages ago, no need to share what year haha). Mina gave an introduction about romanceclass and then there were live readings by Migs Almendras and Sam Aquino. This time, all romanceclass titles featured were written by authors from science high schools namely:

Monito, Monita by Celestine Trinidad
Songs to Make You Stay by Jay E. Tria
Sounds Like Summer by Six de los Reyes
Before I Lose My Nerve by Layla Tanjutco

romanceclass Mandaluyong - Mina

romanceclass Mandaluyong - students

romanceclass Mandaluyong - Migs and Sam

The students loved that the program included authors from science high schools! They asked questions about the writing process, bought books, and asked the authors and live readers (and even me) to sign stuff. We also discovered that poetry books are a big hit with them, all the copies that Layla brought with her were sold out.

romanceclass Mandaluyong - group pic

romanceclass Mandaluyong squad

Aside from these school events, romanceclass was also able to host a writing workshop last month. This event was sponsored by patrons of the group from Patreon. More details in these Instagram write-up posts (swipe to see all the photos):

Some of the photos from this post are from Carla, Jay, and Ines. I hope these YA-themed events have encouraged teen readers to pick up and read romanceclass titles. Hopefully reading romanceclass books will encourage some of them to write and maybe publish their own stories later on. Watch out for more school events and YA titles from romanceclass in the near future!


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