romanceclass origins: Abbie from romanceclasstrash

romanceclass origins

romanceclass is a community of authors and readers who gather together to support indie published contemporary romance written by Filipino authors. Whether they’re a reader or an author, all community members have their romanceclass origin story… various stories of how and when they joined the community. romanceclass origins is a blog feature that highlights these origin stories.

Visit the earlier romanceclass origins posts here. Today, I’m happy to have a fellow reader as a guest on the blog. Abbie (Twitter, Instagram) is here to talk about how she first discovered romanceclass. Abbie is one of the girls behind romanceclasstrash (Twitter, Instagram) which is a group of dedicated readers of romanceclass books who tirelessly promote the community’s titles and events. Thank you for being here, Abbie!


1) How did you discover romanceclass?

It all started when a friend of mine posted about Mina’s books that were published then under Summit Media. I got curious and looked for those books everywhere and when I finally got a copy and read That Kind of Guy, I instantly became a fan of hers. At September of 2013, I finally met her in person at Aklatan. I think she was with Chris Mariano that time selling romance class ebooks. I bought those ebooks, of course, and they were officially the first romance class ebooks in my collection. The rest, as they say, is history.

Abbie and Mina

2) What does being part of the romanceclass community mean to you?

Being a part of the romanceclass community is really a big thing for me.

• If not for this community, I would still be the aloof, awkward girl that I was years ago. I’m still an awkward potato every now and then but at least I managed to improve my social skills.

• I met a lot of awesome people (authors, readers and live readers) who share my passion for reading romance books

• romanceclass taught me to be more open, understanding and accepting of the LGBT community and other things. It’s not that I despise or don’t like them, but if I was the person I was before being part of the community, I will not comment on anything and just look on the other side when issues regarding LGBT arise. But now, I’ll stand and fight for those people because they deserve to be recognized and accepted.

• I feel like people from the community are not only my friends but are already my family.

Abbie - romanceclasstrash

3) What are your recommended romanceclass reads?

Oh. There are too many to mention! But whenever I want to enable people to read romanceclass books, these are the titles that I recommend:

All of Mina V. Esguerra’s books
If the Dress Fits by Carla de Guzman
Feels Like Summer by Six de los Reyes
Prep and Prejudice by Miren B. Flores
Playlist Series by Jay E. Tria
Choco Chip Hips by Agay Llanera
Another Word for Happy by Agay Llanera
Waiting in the Wings by Tara Frejas
The Last Time I’ll Write About You by Dawn Lanuza
Before I Lose My Nerve by Layla Tanjutco
Dare to Love by C.P. Santi
Promdi Heart by Georgette Gonzales, Agay Llanera, Chris Mariano, Jay E. Tria, Ines B. Yao
Summer Crush by Jay E. Tria, Six de los Reyes and Tara Frejas

My Imaginary Ex - 2017 Fairy Tale Fail 2017 Love Your Frenemies - 2018 edition That Kind of Guy 2017 What You Wanted 2018

If the Dress Fits Feels Like Summer Prep and Prejudice Songs of Our Breakup Waiting in the Wings

The Last Time I'll Write About You Before I Lose My Nerve Dare to Love Promdi Heart Summer Crush

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