Book Haul: Komiket February 2018

In my last book haul post, I mentioned that I’ve mostly been buying ebooks since the year started. The exception to my rule of buying just ebooks is comics or graphic novels, and I bought a lot of them when I dropped by Komiket last weekend. Komiket is a weekend market where Filipino creators sell their comics and artwork like posters and stickers. Some of the comics are trad pubbed by local publishers while some are self-pubbed. Some are written in English, while others are in Filipino, or a mix of both. Some are printed in black and white while others are in full color. In general, it’s a great way to support Filipino artists so they can keep creating more of their work.

Sharing my Twitter thread, where I uploaded some photos while I was at the event:

I went with some friends although we did separate at one point so we could browse on our own. I was so tempted to buy stickers and artwork but I wanted to focus on comics as a priority, because there are so many good titles that I was interested in.

Tabi Po #1-3 by Mervin Malonzo
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Tabi Po by @mervinmalonzoart is a series that my friend @fantaghiro23 was raving about when we got to talk about Filipino comics one time. She said something like, if I had to read ONE comics series by a local author, it had to be this. Recommendation was happily seconded by @komikninja. I later "met" @pryngols through bookstagram and buying this series at #Komiket2018 became a foregone conclusion. I had heard of it before but was wary of starting what I thought was a horror story. But I've been reassured that scaredy-cats like me will be able to handle this. Let's see how it goes.🀞🏼 I'm looking forward to seeing how the third volume will compare to the first two, because it's indie pubbed and is a lot longer/denser than the earlier volumes.

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Dead Balagtas by Emiliana Kampilan
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I can't even remember where I first heard of Dead Balagtas by Emiliana Kampilan, maybe through @komikninja or, but this seems like a title that everyone who has read it has been raving about. Apparently a must-buy at #Komiket2018. Even @mervinmalonzoart while he was signing my copies of Tabi Po said that I should read his books first before Dead Balagtas to manage expectations.πŸ˜‚ Definitely a comics title that I'm excited to read! From the back: "Ang Dead Balagtas ang una at pinakamalikhaing komiks tungkol sa mahaba at makulay na kasaysayan ng Filipinas. Sa unang tomong ito, isasalaysay ng isang maalam na babaylan ang pagsilang ng santinakpan mula sa mainit na pagmamahalan ni Tungkung Langit at Laon Sina. Saksihan ang pagbangon ng mga kontinente, ang banggaan ng mga karagatan, ang pag-iibigan ng dagat at lupa - mga puwersang bumuo at patuloy na humuhulma sa ating tahanan at bayan, ang Filipinas." . . JSK sana kayanin ng Filipino powers ko ang pagbasa nito.

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Palaso by Marianie and The Outer Garden and Its Manifold Blossoms
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Palaso by @marianieart is a comics rec from @komikninja so I was definitely curious about this title. What sealed the deal was the full color artwork! Also interested in Nagmamahal, Maria Clara but I thought I'd wait for all installments before buying the whole set. I asked if Palaso could be signed by the author and apparently she's wasn't at #Komiket2018 because she's graduating today. Congrats, Marianie!πŸŽ‰ . . The Outer Garden and Its Manifold Blossoms was an impulse buy because I was informed that there are limited copies and this may be the last print run for this title. (Madali naman po akong kausap, binili ko na.) It has a gorgeous cover and I liked what I saw when I browsed through it.

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Strange Natives by Paolo Herras and Jerico Marte
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Last but not the least in my #Komiket2018 haul is Strange Natives: The Forgotten Memories of a Forgetful Old Woman. Strange Natives were recommended by @komikninja, which she described as awesome fantasy standalone titles. I like that each book can be read on its own, with no need to wait for the next issue. From the back: "How much of our native land can you remember? Our past has been rewritten, reimagined, and forgotten by invaders, colonizers, and fellow natives. How much of our past are you certain to be true? Nobody knows. Strange, isn't it? Our past is lost forever as we embrace a more worldly future. Leaving us all strangers in this native land, just like Grasya, a forgetful old lady and her forgotten memories."

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My entire haul!
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I accidentally deleted yesterday's #Komiket2018 haul so here, have another bookstagram shot!πŸ“šπŸ˜‚ Good thing I did individual posts about these per series/title. You can still drop by Komiket on their last day today. If you're not able to go, some of these are available in bookstores or online stores or you can probably contact the creators directly (tagged in the image). I missed out on reading Filipino comics while I was based in Singapore so I'm making up for lost time. So happy to discover that there are a wealth of options in the local comics scene. I actually still have a lot of titles in my wishlist. Shout out to @komikninja, you should definitely follow EK for awesome recs. Wouldn't have known what to get if not for her reviews and recs.πŸ™ŒπŸ» . . Do you guys read comics or graphic novels? What are the ones that you've loved? If you've been to Komiket, let me know what you ended up getting.😊 Hope you're all having a good weekend.

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I had so much fun going around Komiket, browsing and choosing which titles to get. I would have loved to get more! While checking other people’s haul posts, I kept seeing titles that I want to try too. BUT! I still have a couple more comics in my TBR pile aside from the ones shown here, so I really should read the owns I one before I buy even more.

Do you guys read graphic novels or comics? What are some of your favorites?


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