Feels So Prom 2018: a romanceclass event

Feels So Prom was a prom-themed, romanceclass event held last January 27 at Commune in Makati. The idea behind this was that not everyone was able to attend prom in high school and some of the ones who were able to go didn’t exactly have a good time. So we said, why not have a romanceclass prom? It’s bound to be fun because romanceclass events are always awesome. And yes, it really was the best prom ever for a lot of us. 🙂

It has been a week since Feels So Prom but I don’t think I’ve properly processed everything that happened. That was only the third (!!!) Feels event that I’ve attended since I came home, the previous two were Feels Fest 2017 and Feels So Hot. I’ve only been home in Manila for half a year or so but it feels longer because so many things have happened in the romanceclass community. I used to dream of attending book conventions held outside the Philippines, but now I’m more than happy with all the events that romanceclass has been organizing. Yay, Filipino community of romance readers!

Instead of getting into all the details of Feels So Prom (which I don’t think I can pull off anyway), I’m sharing highlights instead! Check out the photos I shared on Instagram, swipe left to see everything:

Part of the fun of the event was the build up to it, when people were trying to decide what dress/shoes/earrings to wear. I got messages from friends sharing what they were planning and asking for thoughts on whether this one thing is better compared to the other. So I also shared the details of my outfit for the night, which you can see here:

Aaaaand lest we forget the whole purpose of the event, let’s bring it back to romanceclass books. A huge part of Feels programs nowadays are what we call live readings – where theater actors read certain excerpts from romanceclass books. Feels So Prom had a steamy theme to it so all scenes read out loud involved sexytimes. Some snapshots from the live readings:

I did my best to live tweet the event but some photos were shared the next day. My Twitter thread starts here, and you can scroll down to see the rest:

Last but not the least, we had an “official photographer” care of our friend Layla and these were our “class pics” for the night:

Feels So Prom - class pic

Feels So Prom - class pic wacky

To be honest, it’s hard to convey the essence of the event if you weren’t present but maybe just take my word for it when I say we had an amazing time? 😀 The next Feels event will be in April, and the community has already started preparing for it. Watch this space for more news.


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