January Bookstagram Reviews

I have been going on and on about not being more active here on the blog, and how it’s easier for me to update both Twitter and Instagram because I can do that on my phone. So I figured I might as well write shorter reviews as bookstagrams and tweets, instead of longer ones here on WordPress. Path of least resistance, my friends. So here I am doing a round-up of books I did bookstagram reviews for. I’ll be doing this on a monthly basis and today, I’m sharing the ones from January. You can also check my Twitter profile where I have an embedded tweet that’s the start of a thread with similar content.

I think this is a pretty good mix considering that it has epic fantasy, comics, historical romance and urban fantasy. I have a few other bookstagrams that aren’t reviews and I’m trying to decide whether I should also do a different round-up for these miscellaneous shots. What do you guys think of these bookstagram round-ups? And what were the books that you read in January? Were there any titles that you loved? 🙂

8 thoughts on “January Bookstagram Reviews

  1. Oh, you have to read the sequel to Bear and Nightingale! It’s so, so good! I liked it way better than the first one.

    Sagala looks really interesting. Is it available in English, by any chance? I know nothing about Filipino history, and a historical fantasy graphic novel would be my favourite way to learn about it!

    Your skirt in that picture is gorgeous, btw. I hope you got the coffee stains out of it!

    • If you happen to see my post after this, it’s a round up of miscellaneous bookstagram shots and The Girl in the Tower is in there. I wasn’t able to write a review for it but I didn’t enjoy reading it as much as the first one. I think the writing is a bit too slow and dark for me.😔

      Sagala is awesome! And yes, it is in English but unfortunately, it’s only available locally here in the Philippines. I can’t think of any title that fits under your description and is available internatiinally.

  2. ohhh i really want to know more about that hisorical fiction/anime you got up there. the art work looks interesting.

    I am going to be honest and say I only read ONE book and i’m currently on another one. but right now i am waiting for two poetry books i ordered from indie poets, so i am so excited to get them.

    • Oh you mean Sagala? It’s an awesome read but unfortunately, only available locally here in the Philippines.😔

      We all have our own pace when we read, and that’s fine! If you’re interested in indie poetry by Filipino authors, I recommend Dawn Lanuza and Layla Tanjutco.😊

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