May 2017 Update

May has come and gone and I just realized that I had zero blog posts for that month. When I first started blogging, I’d blog everyday. Then eventually when real life started getting in the way of things, I’d be happy if I’m able to blog every week. And now apparently I can’t even do one blog post a month! Sigh, that’s what happens when too many real life stuff needed to be taken care of. It’s not that I’ve stopped reading (although I’ve had a bit of slump in April), it’s just that I haven’t been able to update my blog because it’s more difficult for me to open up my laptop to type up posts than to update apps that I have on my phone. So my Instagram, Litsy (username: Chachic) and Twitter accounts are constantly update but not WordPress. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Litsy posts can become embedded on WordPress soon, because I will have more updates to share then! In the meantime, below are some Instagram updates.

As mentioned earlier, I found myself in a bit of a slump in April and I was got over it by reading Ilona and Gordon’s books:

I inhaled the three books that are currently out in the Innkeeper Chronicles and hopefully I’ll get to write a review for the series at a later date (not making any promises though!) Another major bookish event for me in May was the book release of Thick as Thieves by Megan Whalen Turner:

But I didn’t read Thick as Thieves right away! Because I wanted the earlier books to be fresh in my mind before diving into the new one – sort of prolonging the whole reading process. So I reread the earlier books first, and it took me a while to get through them.

Those are mostly pics of The Queen of Attolia because my updates for The King of Attolia and A Conspiracy of Kings are mostly on Litsy. Unfortunately, I can’t embed them here. I have finished rereading them though, and have started on Thick as Thieves:

Looks like it will take me a while to get through this too, we’ll see how it goes. I plan to reread both Burn for Me and White Hot after I finish with the Queen’s Thief series. Although I’m eyeing a certain Beauty and the Beast retelling because of reviews from two good friends, Angie and Holly. If they both loved it, then I have a feeling I will as well. I would have one-clicked it but the Kindle edition is still pricey.

So, so, so. How have you all been? Hope you’ve had a less hectic May than I did. As always, please feel free to leave a comment if you’ve come across a book that you think I’ll enjoy reading.

8 thoughts on “May 2017 Update

  1. Welcome back! 😄
    I can’t wait to see what you think of TaT. I had to read it a second time since I missed so much on my first reading in my haste to find out what happens but now I am anxious for the next one to come out as I have several questions I hope MWT will answer in it.

    • I’m about 20% into it, I think the pace is similar to The Thief. Hoping to really get into it soon! I wanted to get some reading done today but went out to meet friends and then had to do (ugh) laundry. I keep seeing posts of MWT on tour all over the internet, and I’m so jealous.😭😭

      • I am jealous too. The closest she was coming to my area was an 8 hour drive away and I have an older car that I am not comfortable driving long distances anymore.

        Make sure you read carefully…there are all kinds of clues in there…😉

      • 8 hours is a pretty long drive! Too bad you weren’t able to make it happen. There aren’t any Sounisians in the area who could have made the drive with you? At least for me, I knew it was halfway across the world so it wasn’t going to happen.

        There are always clues hidden all over an MWT novel!🤔

  2. You asked for suggestions as to books you might like. I was going to recommend Michelle Diener’s Dark Horse which is currently available for free to Kindle readers but a search of the site shows you already have it.
    Have you read Cake: A Love Story by J. Bengtsson? I enjoyed it and the follow on book (a different couple is featured) titled The Theory Of Second Best.

    • I already have Dark Horse on my Kindle, incidentally recommended by a friend named Michelle. 🙂 I’ll look up Cake: A Love Story by J. Bengtsson, this is the first time I’ve heard of that title. As always, thanks for the recs!

    • I know, I feel exactly the same way about everyone else reading Thick as Thieves. I’m so glad we have that thread to discuss! Sigh, I wonder how long the next one will take. That’s going to be the last one, right?

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