Belated Birthday Post

My birthday was last March 29 so this is a really belated birthday post. But I haven’t had a time to sit down and do a write up of the day before now. While not exactly book-related, I think I’ve updated my blog about how I celebrated my birthday in previous years so I wanted to do the same thing this year. Good thing I kept posting pics on Instagram, so linking to them makes it easier for me to share how my day was spent. I took the day off but the night before my birthday, I had dinner at an Italian restaurant called No Menu, with two of my co-workers:


It was a lovely meal and on top of that, they gave me gifts that I loved: a fancy teacup from a store called T2 and a small purse (wallet?) from Coach. It was really a pleasant surprise to receive these gifts because I wasn’t expecting anything!


The actual day of my birthday fell on a Wednesday and everyone I knew in Singapore was at work on that day so I spent it by myself. I decided to give the foodie in me an indulgence of a meal in the form of a two-star Michelin restaurant, Les Amis. I had previously only read about Michelin star meals in books but I’m happy to report that I’ve experienced it in real life. Scroll to the right to see all of the courses:

Yesterday's indulgence was a 6-course meal at Les Amis, a French restaurant with two Michelin stars and ranked 16th in Asia's 50 Best Restaurants. I think this must be the fanciest meal I've had and it was a great experience. I liked how each dish was served with an explanation, kind of like the server telling you a story about the food. It's art in food form! I hope I get to try other Singapore restaurants from the list (e.g. Andre, Odette, Burnt Ends)! . . . Here's the menu for this meal: . . - amuse bouche: smoked river salmon and eel with baby leek - (signature) cold angel hair pasta balanced with kombu, caviar and truffle - (signature) langoustine with courgette and an emulsion of extra virgin olive oil - seasonal white asparagus - turbot fish - lamb cooked in a veil of spinach served with green asparagus and stuffed morel mushroom - sugar sphere with seasonal strawberries, sorbet and a hint of lime . . . #LesAmis #LesAmisRestaurant #MichelinStar #Michelin #SGfood #SGfoodie #SGdesserts #foodstagram #IGeats #finedining #ExploreSingapore

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After the fancy meal, I watched the live action version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and loved it. More thoughts shared below:


And last but not the least, I was planning to splurge by buying a Jo Malone cologne that I’ve been eyeing for the longest time (they smell so good but they’re also super expensive) but decided to go for all natural and organic skincare instead once a friend recommended Vanderohe:


I did drop by the bookstore after watching the movie but SURPRISE! I walked out of the bookstore without buying anything. Also no books received as gifts because my family and real life friends never know what titles to get for me. So that’s a quick update from me about how my birthday went. ๐Ÿ™‚ Back to regular programming and book-related posts after this.


5 thoughts on “Belated Birthday Post

  1. So many wonderful foods! And I’m very proud of you for going into a bookstore and leaving without any new books. You’re an example to us all! I did the same thing today — I was interested in Winter Tide and Six Wakes and this book about FBI research into crazy shit like telekinesis, but I didn’t buy any of them. I have bought enough books lately. I ought not acquire more brand new books.

    • Jenny, because space is an issue for me, I’m more likely to buy ebooks than physical books! I make an exception for graphic novels.๐Ÿ˜Š But I still have so many unread graphic novels and I need to catch up on reading them.

  2. Hi, Chachic! Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry I havenโ€™t been around much lately, my PhD program takes almost all my free time. In truth Iโ€™ve never been in Michelin restaurant, it must me a lovely experience. and you food pictures amazing as always. PS. Booo, No books for you Birthday?!

    • Apologies for the late reply to your comment! I think it’s obvious by now that real life keeps getting in the way of our online interactions? ๐Ÿ˜› Hope your PhD program is going well. My friend and I actually have reservations this coming Friday to try another Michelin restaurant – we had to make our reservation weeks in advance! Fingers crossed that it will be an amazing experience. And yes, sadly, no books for my birthday (which happens fairly regularly).

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