2017 International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! 🙂 On this day last year, I did a post about books that I liked or loved that feature awesome females in fiction. I’m hoping to make it yearly thing. I’m choosing to highlight books written by female authors, that I enjoyed reading within the past year, and have ladies who have shown strength in various ways. One of the reasons why I liked these books is because the female main characters have demonstrated physical, emotional, or mental strength. They fought, they endured, they persisted. And that’s always something that I would admire.

Same as last year, I’m going by genre:

Speculative fiction:
White Hot magic-binds The Mountain of Kept Memory fresh-romance Monstress
master-of-crows Warprize a-promise-of-fire a-darker-shade-of-magic
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms the-broken-kingdoms

Summer Skin Iris After the Incident A Crown of Bitter Orange Pairing Off

What about you, who are some of the fictional female characters you enjoyed reading about? 🙂 As always, if you have recommendations for me based on the titles I featured here, please feel free to share them!

16 thoughts on “2017 International Women’s Day

    • Kim, you really need to read Ilona Andrews! If the Kate Daniels is too much of a commitment for you, maybe you can try their Hidden Legacy trilogy? Only the first book had been released but the second and third will be released this year.😊 Or you can even try their standalone sci-fi novellas, Silent Blade and Silver Shark.

  1. Yayyyyy, Monstress! Having read that one lately, I feel particularly fond of it. It’s not just that the main character’s awesome, although she is, but I love reading a comic that’s about ALL women, of so many different stripes. It’s great.

    • Monstress is amazing! Yes, I had to pause while reading to just absorb how awesome it was that the book is filled with great female characters. Seriously cannot wait for Volume 2.🙌

  2. Such a good idea doing a post about this! I love the kinds of variety you put on your blog! From this list there are a couple I mean to tackle this year. I’ve yet to read Amanda Bouchet (but heard the first book is amazing) and I really want to try the V E Schwab series but have been procrastinating as it seems out of my comfort zone (though I have been known to fall in love with books out of my comfort zone before!)

    Hope you are going well x

    • Nomes, thanks so much for dropping by! I haven’t been updating this blog as much as I want to but that’s what happens when real life keeps me busy. I hope you get to read A Promise of Fire and A Darker Shade or Magic soon! 😊 I do remember some books working for you even though they’re not your usual type.

      • Yes! Like Laini Taylor who I didn’t try for ages but ended up loving her books. And Juliet Marillier got me into fantasy. I have A Darker Shade of Magic on my kindle so I know I will get around to it once I’m in the right reading mood. I am always impressed with your blog even if you don’t get around to it that often. I regret letting mine get so quiet for ages but I was so burnt out last year with studying that I didnt want to spend any extra time at the computer in my free time. I am hoping to post one a month with a monthly recap type post to warm bakc into it. (plus some review here and there, I guess, haha!)

      • Let me know when you get around to A Darker Shade of Magic! Would love to hear what you think of it. I’m actually in the middle of the third book, A Conjuring of Light, but it’s taking me a while to finish it.

        Aww, I’m so flattered that you still enjoy reading my blog even if my posts are sporadic! I have the same issue as you do – I’m finding it more and more difficult to go online on my laptop especially after spending the whole day on my work laptop. This is why the apps that I have on my phone (Litsy, Twitter, etc.) are much more updated than my blog. Have you thought about giving Litsy a try? 😉

  3. Wonderful list, Chachic! I hope I’ll start Schwab’s series this summer. Now that I’ve finally read my first series by Ilona Andrews I’m looking forward to read more of her books.

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