Book Haul: Secret Santa Edition

Every year, my online book club (YAckers) has a Secret Santa gift exchange. And because we all love books, we tend to focus on those as gifts. I’ve previously posted my haul from past Secret Santas (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015) so I thought it would be nice to keep up with the tradition. These are the books I received:


And I also took a picture of books I received from past Secret Santa exchanges that I still haven’t found time to read:


Sigh, so many books, so little time! I find it interesting that most of the books I received from my fellow YAckers are fantasy titles. I guess we know what’s our favorite genre. I also have a box of Ferrero chocolates from the office Secret Santa (which I think isn’t that interesting haha) but that’s it for this year. Are you guys participating in any form of Secret Santa this year?

9 thoughts on “Book Haul: Secret Santa Edition

  1. I’m participating in a Secret Santa exchange through an online book a week thread in which I participate. I have some wonderful used book stores and thrift stores in my area, so my Secret Santa recipient is going to be awash in books. (I sent eleven!)

    • 11 books?! Wow, that’s a lot! I sent only 3 haha. Whoever is getting those books is really lucky. I know you can get used books really cheap in some areas but wouldn’t shipping be expensive too?

      • Yes, I’ll admit that shipping was the most expensive thing. I live in the US so could have sent the box using media mail; however, I wasn’t sure if the package would then arrive on time. The books were about $1.00 each; the shipping was just under fourteen dollars to a destination also within the US.

      • Oh that sounds reasonable then, it’s definitely within my Secret Santa budget. 🙂 US-based people are so lucky because you guys have so many used bookstores. And also so many bookish people live there so Secret Santa within the US is pretty common.

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    • Oh yay! Book-related Secret Santa are the best kinds. The ones done in the offices I’ve been in seem boring in comparison hahaha. Hope you get some lovely books.📖 Yep, I’m looking forward to reading Crooked Kingdom since I enjoyed Six of Crows.

  3. I wish I can participate in a bookish Secret Santa, they sounds so fun! We had Secret Santa tradition on my previous job, the funniest present were carrots to my colleague who loved them.

    • Carrots? Haha that’s hilarious. First time I’ve heard of something like that. I hope you do get to join a bookish Secret Santa this year, there are so many of them going around on the blogosphere or even Litsy.

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