Litsy on Android

The bookish app Litsy is now available on Android. I found out about it thanks to a heads up from my good friend Brandy. I downloaded it and signed up as chachic over there. It’s described as a combination of Instagram and Goodreads, and I’m trying to see if it would be fun to be an active member over there. I like that it’s more book-focused that Instagram and more visual than Goodreads. I think my main problem with it is that there aren’t a lot of my friends on it (no surprise there given that they just started with Android) but it might get better if more people sign up.

Litsy screenshot

Are you on it? What’s your username? Also, what do you think of it so far?

13 thoughts on “Litsy on Android

  1. I just downloaded it after reading this! I signed up as meandmybooks, but have not had time to play around yet. Pretty interface – I’m not a fan of the Goodreads app and I am still getting used to their new website design.


    • I followed you! I hope you have fun exploring it like I have been doing. I also like the interface and I think it’s going to be a good app if only more of my friends are on it. I don’t like Goodreads’ new website design either but I don’t mind the app.

    • Same! I’ve been hearing a lot about it and even looked it up on the play store a few months. So it’s nice that’s finally available for us Android users. 🙂 Thanks, I’ll follow you back!

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