Ten Books I Wish Would Be TV Shows

Top Ten Tuesday2

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s focus is TV shows. I used to follow several TV shows at any given time. I would try the latest shows that friends rave about and then pick the ones I want to stick with. Nowadays, I feel like I barely have enough time to read and blog and do real life stuff (like chores, ugh) so I don’t get to watch TV shows anymore even though I want to! So my topic of choice this is week is Ten Books I Wish Would Be TV Shows. I mostly picked book series so each TV episode can represent one book. First book from each series pictured below, and linked to my reviews where I have them:

Daughter of the Forest Archangel TheThief The Winter Prince ebook Code Name Verity - UK2

Magic Bites new cover Touchstone Trilogy Black Dog new cover Once Upon a Rose Interim Goddess of Love_digital cover

That’s fairy tale retelling, epic fantasy, urban fantasy, historical fiction, sci-fi and contemporary. Pretty good mix! The problem with book to movie/TV adaptations is that the latter rarely lives up to the former. But I think it’s still awesome whenever a book I love gets extra attention because it’s being adapted. What about you, what books would you love to see made into TV shows?

14 thoughts on “Ten Books I Wish Would Be TV Shows

  1. Code Name Verity would be the greatest TV show (or movie) ever.

    I would be verrrrrry interested in a TV series for The Thief. I mean the first episode would probably be kind of boring, but the REST! Would be awesome and clever and action-packed. I feel like it’d turn into a GoT-type situation, though, where the show is accurate up to a certain point and then the producers would have to make up the rest because Megan Whalen Turner is apparently the slowest writer everrrrrr. #willbook5evercomeout

    • Yes, Code Name Verity would indeed make an awesome TV show or movie! Have you read EWein’s other novels? πŸ™‚ I always try to push them on Code Name Verity fans.

      Definitely agree that The Thief would be slower and not as intriguing as the rest of the books in the series, but if it’s ever adapted into a TV show, I have a feeling that they’d beef up the script to make it more interesting. HAHAHA yes, MWT takes so looooong to write her books. We don’t even have an announcement yet on when the last two books in the series will be released. I do know that the first four books will be released with redesigned covers next year.

    • It’s such a well-written series with a lush setting, I’m sure it would make a great TV show (or movie). And there are enough books in the series to make several episodes.

    • PLEASE DO! EWein’s Lion Hunters series is amazing and definitely needs more attention. I thought fans of Code Name Verity would eventually pick them up and I’ve found it strange that that hasn’t happened.

  2. Okay, I have to know: who would play Kaoren Ruuel in your ideal Touchstone adaptation?

    I would be so afraid of a MWT adaptation: could an actor really capture Eugenides? And also, so much of the drama and suspense is interior, and a lot of the twists have to do with things she carefully doesn’t tell us, and would that even be possible in a screen adaptation? (I’m thinking of the cannon, in particular.)

    Archangel is an interesting thought. There would have to be an amazing composer to write the soundtrack!

    • Sorry for the late reply! For some weird reason, WordPress put your comment under spam.

      Ha! I’ve never been good at casting my favorite books, so I wouldn’t have a suggestion on an ideal Kaoren but I imagine him as a European-Asian guy. πŸ™‚

      I honestly don’t know if there could ever be a movie or TV adaptation of MWT’s books that would do them justice. I just included them in my list because I love them so. ❀

      Oh yes, you've reminded me of how important music is in the Samaria universe. If those books are ever adapted, they need to compose some great music for it.

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