Fantasy Romance Book Haul

Last week’s book haul featured three romance titles, the last of which (A Promise of Fire Amanda Bouchet) was a fantasy romance. Ever since I finished reading that book, I have been in the mood for more fantasy romance. Which is why this week’s haul is all about that subgenre:


After The Winter King, I read Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan but I didn’t get a picture! Which is a shame because I enjoyed reading the latter more than the former. If I ever find the time to actually sit down and write reviews, maybe I can do short ones for these.

I then went on a Grace Draven marathon this weekend, starting with Master of Crows:


Which was quickly followed up by The Lightning God’s Wife:


Which is so short that I finished reading it in one sitting! So then I read The Light Within:


Also finished that one in one sitting. I think both The Lightning God’s Wife and The Light Within are bonus short stories that serve like outtakes or epilogues for Master of Crows. The next in the series is a longer novella and is set a few years after the first book. I’ve already downloaded The Brush of Black Wings on my Kindle but haven’t started it yet:


I think I may have to pick up some contemporary titles after this. I don’t want to get burned out on fantasy romance! Also, it hasn’t been easy looking for fantasy romance books that I’m interested enough to try, so feel free to recommend titles if you have favorites.

Even though I’ve bought a couple of ebooks the past week, I’ve tried to be a good girl by resisting temptation in the form of a Kinokuniya sale. I still have so many unread physical books in my TBR pile so I resisted going to the bookstore because I know I might end up buying something. I need to go to bed soon because ugh, Monday will be here in a few minutes! But I’m curious, have you bought or received any books recently?

13 thoughts on “Fantasy Romance Book Haul

  1. YAS! I love Grace Draven. I haven’t gotten around to reading Master of Crows yet, but Radiance and Entreat Me were both wonderful.

    I read The Winter King by Wilson a couple years ago and wasn’t too big of a fan of that one either. The romantic relationship in that one was a little too old school bodice ripper for my tastes.

    • If you enjoyed Grace Draven’s other books then I’m pretty sure you’ll like Master of Crows. I think it’s the most popular of her titles. I remember enjoying Radiance and thinking it was a much better Beauty and the Beast retelling than Entreat Me. All her books have gorgeous covers!

      Yeah, I was a bit frustrated by how the hero and heroine in The Winter King couldn’t get past the initial problems that they had. I wanted to bang their heads together and just tell them to TALK about it. Their romance was more physical than anything else.

  2. The cover for Master of Crows is lovely. It’s weird though, it actually looks better in black and white on your Kindle than it does in its full colour version! All of that said, it doesn’t sound like my kind of read 😀

    • What, really? I prefer the colored version of the cover! The black and white looks dramatic but I really like the red dress and cloak, plus their hair flying like banners. Aww sorry to hear Master of Crows isn’t your kind of read but that’s totally fine, we can’t all read the same books all the time. 🙂

  3. It’s difficult sometimes to categorize books; is a paranormal romance also a fantasy romance?

    I see you posted that you stopped reading Thea Harrison’s Elder Races after book two. I loved book one and also did not care for book two; however, my other favorite in the series Oracle’s Moon is well worth reading.
    Have you already read Robin D. Owen’s series that starts with Heart Mates? It’s light and enjoyable.
    What about Maria Snyder’s Poison Study? I see you’d liked it; it’s worth a re-read.
    Shay Savage’s Transcendence is a curiously appealing story.
    R. Lee Smith’s The Last Hour of Gann is LONG, complex, and engrossing.

    • Kareni, totally agree! It’s difficult to define fantasy romance, some people think of paranormal romance or even urban fantasy as fantasy romance. I guess for me, it’s when the book has romance at its center. LOL I know that’s still not very clear. It doesn’t really matter to me how the book is categorized, it’s just that it makes it easier to find read alikes if we’re familiar with the labels.

      I’ll take note about Oracle’s Moon! I barely remember the first Elder Races book but I know I read it. I also remember enjoying Poison Study, and I think I read the next two books in the series but didn’t enjoy them as much. I haven’t read books from Robin D. Owen, Shay Savage and R. Lee Smith. I’ll look them all up. 😀 Thanks for all the recs. Now I have more authors/titles to look into.

      Also, are we connected on Goodreads? I can’t seem to find a Kareni in my friends list.

      • No, I don’t have a Goodreads account. (I manage to spend so much time on line that I don’t need another avenue to get lost in!) Happy reading!

      • Ahh, I thought you had Goodreads because you knew which titles were the ones I’ve already read! LOL I have several social media sites connected to the blog (Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) and I don’t think I can add more to those.

        BTW, I looked up your suggestions and Heart Mates looks interesting! Not sure if the other two are for me though.

  4. I actually searched the site here to see if you’d mentioned those authors in the past. Devious, eh?

    If you’re going to read one of my recommendations, I’d suggest Oracle’s Moon. It’s a definite favorite of mine that I think you’d also enjoy.

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