Weekends are for drinking tea and reading

I have been such a slow reader lately because real life keeps getting in the way of reading and blogging time. I’ve been reading V.E. Schwab’s Shades of Magic books for the past few weeks and I thought I’d finish A Gathering of Shadows this weekend but now it’s almost over and nope, I’m nowhere near the end. I did notice that I’ve visited TWG cafe for three weekends straight, and I brought the two books with me to read. So I thought I’d share some of the pictures that I took.

TWG cafe - group

It all started with this Hobbit-like brunch spread with my ex-flatmates

I’m actually a bit surprised that I’ve never talked about TWG on the blog before. TWG is a Singaporean premium tea brand and I fell in love with their teas when I first moved to Singapore. I was heavily influenced by one of my flatmates who is also a huge fan. My appreciation for TWG tapered off a bit and was recently renewed when I discovered that their all of their food items are infused with tea. I’ve always tried just their pastries and macarons, but now I’ve become a fan of their savory dishes and their scones served with cream and tea jelly.

TWG cafe - brunch

I went back the next weekend to have brunch there again. The tea book has the full list of teas that they serve, including descriptions for each.

TWG cafe - flower tea, scones and macarons

The brunch set included tea, macarons and scones.

TWG cafe - A Darker Shade of Magic

Reading A Darker Shade of Magic with tea in the background.

The picture above was actually regrammed by TWG in their official Instagram account. I thought that was pretty cool.

TWG cafe - A Gathering of Shadows

Scones with two kinds of tea jelly: 1837 Black and Red of Africa. Plus my current read: A Gathering of Shadows.

TWG cafe - A Gathering of Shadows chapter illustration

Chapter illustrations of the UK edition of A Gathering of Shadows.

As always, the resolution is better over at my Instagram account if you guys want to check that out. How about you, how was your weekend? Also, do you enjoy drinking tea as much as I do? Even though I didn’t get to read like I originally wanted to, I had a restful Saturday (woohoo nap time) and was able to visit a new-to-me place on Sunday. So still a pretty good weekend overall… which I need to remind myself as I face the dreaded Monday.

6 thoughts on “Weekends are for drinking tea and reading

  1. It’s still the weekend here and since tomorrow is a national holiday for us (Independence Day) I have an extra day to enjoy the nice weather we are having. I have been working in my garden, expanding a flower bed that is overcrowded, but am now taking a break to drink a chai latte and sit in my hammock swing. I may also take some time to read a bit before going back to work.

    If I am not mistaken, I have the same book you are reading in my tbr pile. First I have to finish the Patrick Rothfuss book that was recommended to me by a fellow traveler a few weeks ago. It’s the first one in his king killer series ( I forget the name just now). He said “if you like Tolkien’s LoTR and J K Rowling’s Harry Potter series, you will like this too”, so I am giving it a chance. So far, it is holding my interest.

    • Oh yeah, it’s the fourth of July long weekend over there. I’m jealous! It’s always nice to have a long weekend. We have a public holiday this week but it’s not until Wednesday. Looks like you’re spending your weekend wisely by gardening and relaxing on your hammock.

      I read that book by Patrick Rothfuss ages ago, I think when it first came out. I enjoyed reading it but for some reason, I never felt the need to read the sequel. Maybe because I’d forgotten the details of the first book by the time the second one was released.

    • I agree that it can get expensive! It’s just nice to have a different atmosphere even when you’re absorbed by a book. Sometimes staying in one place (like the flat) can get boring.

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