The Reading Room Cafe

I first found out about The Reading Room book cafe in Singapore from an Instagram post. I’ve been visiting book cafes in Manila and was pleasantly surprised to discover that there are some cafes in Singapore that have a similar set-up. Of course, any cafe can become a reading cafe as long as I have a book or my Kindle with me. But it just feels comforting to hang out in a place that’s filled with books. So that was what I ended up doing on a Sunday afternoon.

The Reading Room SG - outside

The Reading Room SG - inside

The Reading Room SG - artwork

I try to stick to the same size of pictures when I upload them here on the blog and because of this, the resolution is a little better on my Instagram account. You can see the pictures here, here and here. Not posted on Instagram but I thought I’d share the meal that I had, which was a brunch set and Himalayan salt coffee:

The Reading Room - brunch

The Reading Room - coffee

It’s a cozy cafe that’s easy to get to, because it’s within walking distance of a train station. The chairs are comfy, the lighting is good and the music isn’t too distracting. So I was able to read a bit after finishing off the food that I ordered. Will definitely keep coming back to this cafe. 🙂

How about you, how did you spend your weekend? As always, I’m in denial that the weekend is over and will try to squeeze in some reading time before going to bed.

Other book cafes I’ve visited:
Tweedle Book Cafe, posts here and here
Book and Borders Cafe
Cool Beans Cafe

10 thoughts on “The Reading Room Cafe

  1. It sounds (and looks) like a delightful place to go. I am spending my Sunday afternoon sitting in a hammock swing (it’s hot and muggy here today so moving around isn’t on my list of things do!) drinking a chai latte and trying to decide what I feel like reading just now. There are a number of books on my tbr list (to be read) but none of them appeal at the moment. Decisions, decisions…

    • A hammock! Now you make me want to relax on a hammock, maybe take a nap or read a good book. I can totally relate to having a difficult time deciding what to read next, that’s the trouble with an ever expanding TBR pile! My decision was fairly easy since I’m jumping into the sequel of the book I just finished.

    • It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon! I finally got to finish the book that I’ve been reading the past few weeks. Now I just need to work on a review.

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