Best Books I’ve Read So Far In 2016

Yesterday’s Top Ten Tuesday topic was Favorite 2016 Releases So Far This Year but since I read based on my mood, I don’t usually read all the books that I want to during the year they’re released. Instead, I want to do a recap of the books that I’ve enjoyed the most so far in 2016, regardless of when they were published. I did a similar post last year, where I six books in my list. This year’s list isn’t too far behind with five titles:

Act Like It Summer Skin Amulet The Stonekeeper

In the Middle of Somewhere Out of Nowhere

I can’t believe half of the year is almost over! I’m super behind on reading and blogging because of all the major changes that are happening in real life, but I hope things will settle down soon and I’ll be able to spend more time being a book nerd. I’m still in the middle of A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab and it’s taking me a while to finish it. Fingers crossed that I’d end up loving it as much as some of my friends did.

What about you, what are the best books that you’ve read so far in 2016? What titles have you enjoyed reading the most?

9 thoughts on “Best Books I’ve Read So Far In 2016

  1. My sister recommended The Seventh Bride by T. Kingfisher so I downloaded it and read it over the weekend. It’s a version of the fairy tale Bluebeard.

    I also reread Masque by W. R. Gingell. I have found that I pick up more on a second reading that I may have missed the first time around, usually because I read fast so I can find out what happened!

    • I read Bryony and Roses by T. Kingfisher but I haven’t read The Seventh Bride. Let me know what you think of it. I actually thought Masque was a better Beauty and the Beast retelling than Bryony and Roses. I could definitely relate to reading as fast as possible to find out what happens! Sometimes I’m even tempted to read a few pages ahead.

      • I thought it was okay; I liked it enough to want to try a couple more by this author. My sister and I don’t always share the same taste in books; she loved it, I liked it. But that’s not a bad thing…

        I definitely liked Masque as a story so perhaps I will give Bryony and Roses a chance to compare them.

      • Yeah, we can’t always like the same books! I remember picking up Bryony and Roses because Rachel Neumeier loved it, but it was just an okay read for me. Hope you like it a lot more than I did.

  2. I’ve enjoyed a couple of titles by Mariana Zapata: The Wall of Winnipeg and Me as well as Kulti. I’m sure there are others but these were the first two to come to mind.

    • Sadly, I didn’t enjoy reading Kulti as much as you did. I’m all for slow burn romance but I found the pacing of that one a bit dragging. I wonder of The Wall of Winnipeg will work better for me.

    • Act Like It is SO GOOD. I’m so glad she’ll be writing more books set in that world. Have you read the book she published under a different pen name, Artistic License by Elle Pierson?

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