Ten Books I’d Bring If I Was Going to the Beach

Top Ten Tuesday2

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. There are many, many beautiful beaches across the Philippines and I think that’s one of the reasons why most Filipinos grow up to become beach lovers. I’m a huge fan of beaches but I’m also very lazy when it comes to planning a beach trip (I usually just say yes when friends ask me to go with them), and there aren’t any that are easily accessible from Manila. Which is why I don’t have any recent beach trips even if I’m currently on vacation in the Philippines. 😦

The Scorpio Races - beach

A quote from The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater with Bintan Lagoon Resort in the background

I do have ideas of what books I’d bring with me IF I had a beach trip. In the past, I would usually just bring whatever book I was currently in the middle of. If I haven’t started anything, I’d bring a contemporary romance because they’re easy to get into. But what I recently realized is that graphic novels are also great reading material when you’re on the go… A graphic novel is something that can be instantly absorbing and also something that can be read in small chunks. So if I had a beach trip planned, I would have brought these books with me:

Amulet The Stonekeeper's Curse Alex + Ada 5,000 km per second Ms. Marvel The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl - Squirrel Power

This One Summer American Born Chinese Anya's Ghost Lazarus Mythspace

I really need to step up in reading these graphic novels that are on my TBR pile. What about you, what books will you bring with you if you had a beach trip? Do you have a go-to genre or type of book when it comes to beach reads?

24 thoughts on “Ten Books I’d Bring If I Was Going to the Beach

  1. I love that you featured graphic novels this week! Such a good suggestion for the beach. I have a copy of This One Summer so maybe I’ll tuck that one into the beach bag. Anya’s Ghost is great too and I need to do some research on some of these other titles that caught my eye. Hope you’re having a lovely vacation!

    • Thank you, Lucy! I’m having a great vacation and I’m starting to feel sad that it’s ending soon. I’m flying back to Singapore on Friday. 😦 I’ve been meaning to read both This One Summer and Anya’s Ghost for the longest time but still haven’t picked them up. They’re actually perfect short reads because they’re standalones! Let me know if you ever get to read the other titles in this list, or if you have other graphic novel recs.

    • Contemporary is the usual go-to genre for beach reads! I would have chosen that as well, if I hadn’t discovered how fun it is to read graphic novels when you’re on the go.

  2. These are great picks! I still need to give Squirrel Girl a shot. I’ve heard really great things about it, but every time I go to the comic book store I completely forget about it for some reason.

    • I remember buying a copy of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl after seeing some Goodreads friends rave about it. It looks like such a fun graphic novel series with an interesting heroine. Oh I usually try to have my wishlist of books that I want to buy whenever I visit the bookstore. I try to go when they have sales so I can make use of the 20% discount.

    • Wow, you’ve never read a graphic novel? I only started reading more of them this year but I have read a few of them over the years. Some were borrowed from friends. I keep seeing Ms. Marvel being recommended too. But if you’re a newbie, you might want to try a standalone like Nimona by Noelle Stevenson (one of my fave reads last year) before diving into a series.

    • Oh yay, another fan of Ms. Marvel! I really should try to bump it up. This is the first time I’ve heard of Marvel Zombies and I would have to look it up. I’m trying to read more graphic novels this year and would definitely be open to suggestions. 🙂 Most of the ones I have on my TBR pile were recommended by fellow readers and bloggers. I noticed that a lot of them are non-mainstream standalones or series.

    • I know exactly what you mean! I would probably put the graphic novel inside a Ziploc bag if I brought it to the beach. And I wouldn’t read it when there’s a danger of dripping water on it, like right after swimming.

  3. I love reading graphic novels in between reading novels, especially when they are particularly heavy reads because hey, light reading and awesome illustrations galore! Half the GNs you’ve listed are definitely on my TBR 😀

    • Ah yes, graphic novels will make excellent palate cleansers too. And also they’re great choices when you feel like a reading slump is about to happen because illustrations make it a lot easier to read them. Good to hear that half of the titles here are also on your TBR pile! 🙂 That means I picked well.

  4. Ahhh, so many good comics choices! I tend not to bring comics to the beach, because they can be a bit bulky in comparison to how long they take to read (not long at all), so oftentimes I’ll bring something lengthy that I’ve been meaning to read for a while and haven’t because I was like “ack can’t read something long, I’ll fall behind on blog posts!” :p

    • Hahaha I’m ALWAYS behind on blog posts nowadays but I don’t let it bother me. I want to have fun with the blog so I’ll post whenever I have to. And I also don’t want to end up having a reading slump so I just read whatever I’m in the mood for. I get your point about the bulkiness of graphic novels though. Might have to bring several if I’m planning to hang out at the beach for an extended period of time. I also need to seal them in plastic bags to keep them safe from the elements.

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