Book Launch: Sula’s Voyage, What Things Mean, and Dragonhearted

The Scholastic Asian Book Award books (Sula’s Voyage by Catherine Torres, What Things Mean by Sophia Lee, and Dragonhearted by Xie Shi Min) are having a book launch on May 27, 2016, 4:15-5:15PM at the National Library in Singapore. Here is the link to the Facebook event page for more details. There will also be a post-launch reading and discussion of the three books at Littered with Books on May 28, 2016, 5PM onwards. Event page can be found here.

Scholastic Asian Book Award 2

If you’re in Singapore during those dates, you might consider attending these events. Looks like they’re going to be fun. Littered with Books is a cozy indie bookstore and I wouldn’t have minded visiting it again. I’m bummed that I’m missing these book events because I’ll be in Manila! Two of the authors, Catherine and Sophia, are both Filipinos and I would have loved to meet them in person. In any case, I’m thrilled that Scholastic is publishing their books and I’m looking forward to reading them. Yay to more Filipino YA.

Scholastic Asian Book Award

4 thoughts on “Book Launch: Sula’s Voyage, What Things Mean, and Dragonhearted

  1. Are any of these going to come out in the U.S.? I can’t really afford to fly to Singapore just for the event… but a book by a Filipina with a dragon on the cover looks very promising – I’m always hoping to find more (any) sf/f by Filipinos for my son.

    • Since they’re being published by Scholastic, I would assume that these books will be available internationally. Let me check with them to confirm this. Oh only Sula’s Voyage and What Things Mean are written by Filipino authors. I think Dragonhearted is by a Singaporean author, based on the author bio. It really is a bit difficult to find MG or YA books written by Filipino authors, especially if you’re looking for a particular genre like SFF.

      • I’ll hope, then! I think Space Hostages is the only MG spec fic I’ve seen with a part-Filipino POV character, and the author is British herself. I was still excited!

      • My contact in Scholastic replied and said the books will only be available in Asia, but hopefully they will be distributed in the US in the future!

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