Ten Books That Made Me Laugh

Top Ten Tuesday2

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. I love books that are witty or funny or just generally so much fun to read that they either make me laugh or smile while I’m reading. I may not end up loving the whole book but I think it’s a special thing when an author is able to get a laugh or smile out of a reader. These are some books that have some scenes that I’ve found hilarious:

Something About You Once Upon a Rose The Deal The Rosie Project Bet Me

Magic Strikes Burn for Me The Amulet of Samarkand Howl's Moving Castle Uprooted

Five contemporaries and five fantasy novels. Have you read any of these titles? Did you find them funny too? What are books that you’ve found hilarious?

20 thoughts on “Ten Books That Made Me Laugh

  1. I dont known if squeeing counts as finding things humorous, but I did love Uprooted! There were some amusing bits there, definitely. With Nieshka aggravating the Dragon so much, how can there not be anything funny?

    • Exactly! I some of the scenes with Agnieszka and the Dragon hilarious. It really is difficult to define what “funny” means but like you said, Uprooted was definitely amusing.

    • I love the banter in their books! I think they write those scenes so well because they have both a male and a female perspective. Can’t wait to read their next book. πŸ˜€

    • Yay for Howl’s Moving Castle and Uprooted! Both of which are standalones. We need more fantasy novels like those too. Thanks for the heads up on Lockwood & Co., I haven’t read those books and I should check them out.

  2. I’ve read eight of your ten books (all but books eight and nine). I do enjoy a book with witty banter and humorous asides. Having looked at Lauren’s TTT, I can say that I agree with her pick of The Martian. That was a book that frequently had me chuckling. Bill Bryson’s books frequently incorporate funny asides; my favorite of his is The Mother Tongue.

    • Eight out of ten, that’s a great number! I do hope you get to read the other two as well, especially Howl’s Moving Castle since that’s a fantasy classic. Interesting pick with The Martian, I hesitated in reading that one because I’m not such a big fan of stories where the main character is isolated from everyone else. But now that I know it’s funny, I should probably give it a try.

  3. Yes to so many of these! Especially Howl’s Moving Castle. That’s one of my all time favorite books. I love the part where Howl comes back drunk. πŸ˜›

    Julie James and Bet Me are also great humorous contemporary romance books. I haven’t read a Crusie novel in years. I might need to pick one up soon.

    • Drunk Howl is a winner! Especially since he was insisting that he was sober. So funny.

      Julie James and Jennifer Crusie are authors I recommend whenever anyone asks for fun contemporary romances. I devoured Crusie’s books when I first discovered her but haven’t reread one in a while.

  4. I love humour, no matter what genre! If a book can get me to laugh out loud, then I automatically love it.

    Diana Wynne Jones is so funnyβ€”try Deep Magic and The Dark Lord of Derkholm, which are even funnier than Howl. Everything by Terry Pratchett, of course, but I particularly love his collaboration with Neil Gaiman, Good Omens. My hands-down favourite funny kids book is The True Meaning of Smekday, by Adam Rex. Favourite humour in adult books: Georgette Heyer’s regency romances (The Grand Sophy is particularly uproarious); To Say Nothing of the Dog, by Connie Willis, is the funniest time-travel book ever; Tanya Huff does both funny military sci-fi (her Valor series is a hoot) and urban fantasy (try The Enchantment Emporium).

    • I don’t know… there are some books that had me laughing out loud but I didn’t love them after finishing the whole thing. While I do think it’s great whenever a book can get to me laugh (or even just smile to myself), I can’t say that I automatically love it.

      My copy of Dark Lord of Derkholm is in Manila, unfortunately! I should try to grab it the next time I go home. I’ve read Good Omens years ago, I enjoyed it but it didn’t really stand out for me and I’ve forgotten most of the details by now. Same goes for Georgette Heyer’s books and To Say Nothing of the Dog. I read them based on other friends’ recs but found them to be just okay. I’ll look up The Enchantment Emporium, I don’t think I’ve read any of Tanya Huff’s books.

  5. Howl’s Moving Castle is the only one we have in common. BUT I always laugh at Julie James’s books too. (The one that makes me laugh the most is the one after yours. I can never remember their titles. They’re so similar. The one with Nick and Jordan and wine.) Once Upon a Rose made me laugh a lot as well. And Bet Me!!!! I need to reread that one. It’s been a while.

    • I’m glad we have at least one title in common! And also that you agree with my contemporary romance choices. πŸ™‚ Yeah, I also don’t remember the titles of Julie James’ books because they sound so similar, I remember the stories though. Jennifer Crusie and Laura Florand are great reads too. You should totally let me know if you find other romance authors that make you laugh!

  6. I think I’ve read all on your list except the Julie James book, and “The Rosie Project.” I was thinking who makes me laugh, and thought of some of the older Susan Elizabeth Philips (“This Heart of Mine” and “Natural Born Charmer” are two of my favorites.) And then I tried to think of a moment when I giggled uncontrollably over a book, and wanted to pop myself on the head, because of course….. Miles Vorkosigan! I think Bujold is my favorite author ever, and she blends humor and pathos and wisdom and suspense so beautifully.
    I just found a new author, T. J Klune. He writes M/M romances. Maybe part of it was my frame of mind when I read “Tell Me It’s Real”, but I have not laughed so hard in years. And now I’m on a binge, reading his back stuff. Which is all good, and all have laugh-out-loud-in-embarassing-places moments, but I think “Tell Me It’s Real” is still the lightest/funniest.

    • I keep hearing about Susan Elizabeth Philips’ books but I still haven’t given them a try! I should really do that since I also enjoy reading sports romance. I’ve read a few of the Vorkosigan books but not the whole series. I think I have all of the books back home in Manila but I haven’t been able to prioritize them.

      Ooh Tell Me It’s Real sounds very interesting. I’m definitely going to check out the Kindle sample to see if it’s something I’d enjoy. M/M romances are a new discovery for me and I keep meaning to read more of them.

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