Ten Aussie YA Books I Love But Feel Like I Haven’t Talked About In A While

Top Ten Tuesday2

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is books we’ve loved but we haven’t talked about in a while. I’m choosing to focus on Aussie YA in my post because I recently read Summer Skin by Kirsty Eagar and was blown away by how good it was – I’m not making any promises but I’ll try to review it soon. Anyway, that reading experience reminded me of how awesome Aussie YA is so I want to revisit some of the titles I fell in love with. If you haven’t given YA written by authors from down under, you should start with these books:

Jellicoe Road Australian cover for The Piper's Son Raw Blue UK Graffiti Moon Wildlife - US cover All I Ever Wanted

Touchstone Trilogy Illuminae Sabriel

Historical fiction:
The Book Thief - UK

Have you read any Aussie YA books that you’d like to recommend? I really don’t know why I haven’t been reading more Aussie YA lately, when I’ve been hearing good things about a lot of them. I have a couple of books in my TBR pile and I should really try to bump them up:

LoveOzYA - March 22, 2016

35 thoughts on “Ten Aussie YA Books I Love But Feel Like I Haven’t Talked About In A While

    • Illuminae and The Book Thief are both amazing! They were favorites of mine the year I read them. I hope you’re able to read them soon. If you’re into contemporary novels, I recommend the other titles in this list too.

    • Hey Reg, yes to Melina Marchetta! She’s the queen of Aussie YA. I love her writing so much, and even organized a blog event called Marchetta Madness a few years ago. Thanks for the link to your own Aussie list, I’ve seen it before and have left some comments. πŸ˜€

  1. I love Melina Marchetta and Garth Nix (Newt’s Emerald was delightful, much lighter in tone than his other books), and quite enjoyed The Book Thief as well. I’ve been reading Catherine Jinks’s City of Orphans trilogy (middle grade). 12-year-old London orphans working as monster bait for the “bogler” or monster killer – with pretty deep looks at the intersection of magic and science. I read three books into Alison Croggon’s Pellinor series a few years ago – I recommend them regularly to teens in search of weighty epic fantasy, though I find that I rarely have the patience for it myself these days.

    • If you love Melina Marchetta, you might want to try some of the other contemporary authors mentioned in this list. πŸ™‚ Or maybe try Andrea K. Host’s books since you like specfic.

      I have Newt’s Emerald in my wishlist! It does look like a fun read. Hmm I think I’ve tried a Catherine Jinks book before but I felt like it wasn’t for me, I think it was called Evil Genius? I’ve heard about the Pellinor books but just haven’t been in the mood to pick them up, I guess. LOL maybe because I haven’t seen any of my friends raving about them.

      • Maybe I should read more contemporary. πŸ™‚ I probably should try Andrea K. Host – hadn’t realized she’s Australian! Points for my reading more non-American authors goals! I haven’t read Evil Genius…
        I read the first three Pellinor books, highly recommended by a good reading friend when my daughter was in the hospital for an extended time, which colored my experience of them and makes me less interested in the rereading I’d need to do at this point to be able to read the last book. It feels very much like Tolkien, but with women and people of color in leading roles – I have many fantasy loving friends unable to read Tolkien because of his narrow worldview. Croggan is a great alternative for people looking for that kind of extended plots, deep world-building, and poetic language – which not everyone is.

      • You should definitely try Andrea K. Host’s books! Touchstone is sci-fi YA while Medair is adult fantasy, I loved both of them and would be interested to hear what you think.

        Oh no, sorry to hear that you have such a negative association with the Pellinor books. But that’s good that you still recognize their worth, and you’re even willing to recommend them. Honestly, with how big my TBR pile is now, I’m not sure if they’re something that I would be interested in picking up.

      • See, I think epic series like that are really best for people with lots of time to read but a short TBR… which describes lots of teens, I think – not so many librarians and book bloggers. But I should still add Andrea K. Host to my official list!

  2. I don’t think I’ve read from any Aussie writers, but then, I haven’t really checked lol I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Illuminae for some time, so perhaps I’ll check it out soon and finally have myself an Aussie novel I am aware of XD

    • I hope you get to read an Aussie YA novel soon! I’ve said it before but I forgot to mention in my post that one of the reasons why I love Aussie YA is because I keep hoping Filipino YA would grow and develop in the same way. It would be awesome to have that many wonderful books written by Filipino authors. πŸ™‚

      • That would be amazing! I’m usually hesitant in trying out Filipino novels, mainly because the popular ones are pretty terrible, imho. Except the ones found in my school textbooks, I have never read a full-length Filipino novel.

      • Whaaaaaaat, really? Girl, you have to change that! Read Filipino books before you read Aussie books. LOL. The YA selection for Filipino fiction isn’t that extensive but the romance genre is booming, and there are also a few graphic novels that are pretty good. What are you interested in? I’ll see if I can give you some recs.

      • Hmm that’s tough, I’m not really familiar with those genres in Filipino fiction. But maybe try the middle grade novel Shine by Candy Gourlay and the Trese graphic novel series by Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo.

      • I loved Trese! I’m still in the hunt for all of them.

        Checked out Shine and it looks pretty good. Will try to buy it once I see it in stores. Thanks for the recs! I’ll try to read more Fil lit >_<

      • Oh yay, good to know that you’re also a Trese fan! Other Filipino graphic novels in my TBR pile: Mythology Class and Halina Filipina by Arnold Arre, Mythspace by Paolo Chikiamco and Maktan 1521 by Tepai Pascual. You can also try Candy Gourlay’s other novel, Tall Story. If you’re interested in contemporary YA, I enjoyed reading Choco Chip Hips by Agay Llanera.

  3. I’ve never read any of these, actually! Well, I have Sabriel and got a third of the way before stopping… But I’m going to try to continue. I never pay much attention to an author’s home region, but the Starbound trilogy by Amie Kaufman (Australian) and Meagan Spooner (American) is awesome and lovely.

    • I’m curious about the Starbound trilogy because I enjoyed Illuminae so much! I have those books on my wishlist.

      I still read a lot of books written by American or British authors, but I think it’s also a good idea to diversify, especially if there are authors from other countries who write books in the genres that I read.

    • As always, I would be more surprised if you did NOT love any of the books on my list. πŸ˜› I think you would love Sabriel, and I hope you enjoy Illuminae but I’m not sure if it would be your cup of tea.

  4. Margaret Mahy was a New Zealand author who wrote some really great YA novels, especially The Changeover. Oh, and The Catalog of the Universe! That was one of my other favorites. So if New Zealand counts …

    • I’ve read The Changeover and enjoyed it! I would have to look up The Catalog of the Universe. I didn’t include books written by New Zealand authors in this list but I don’t mind getting recommendations, of course. πŸ™‚

  5. I looove Melina Marchetta. I miss her! I wish she’d release some more books! She reliably makes me feel many emotions. And I hear excellent things about all of these other authors — Fiona Wood and Kirsty Eagar are two that have been on my TBR list for a while now.

    • Melina has a book that will be released later this year! It’s called Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil. But it looks very different from her previous work. If you want more Aussie contemp YA then you should definitely try the other authors mentioned in this list. πŸ™‚ All of the contemp ones, except for All I Ever Wanted, have been published outside Australia so they are internationally available.

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