Elizabeth Wein answers a question

Oy, if you’re a Code Name Verity or Rose Under Fire or Black Dove, White Raven fan and you haven’t read the rest of Elizabeth Wein’s books, namely the Lion Hunters series… I’m blaming you for delaying the publication of The Sword Dance, the next book in the series.

Over at Goodreads, EWein answers why this book hasn’t been published yet, even though she finished writing it YEARS AGO:
EWein on Telemakos

The books have been out of print for a while but the ebooks are available through Open Road Media (and they have matching covers)! I’m going to make your life easier and share the links here:

The Winter Prince ebook A Coalition of Lions ebook The Sunbird ebook The Lion Hunter ebook The Empty Kingdom ebook

The ebooks are even free when you have a Kindle Unlimited account. Telemakos deserves more love, people. Go forth and read the books about him.

16 thoughts on “Elizabeth Wein answers a question

    • I’m more a fan of the illustrations of the original covers for The Empty Kingdom and The Lion Hunter. But I like these new covers because they all have matching designs.

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  2. I’m so, so glad you shared this! And now I’m talking about it over on Sounis and trying to spread the word. I got my hard copies used (mostly because I wanted specific, pretty covers), but I’m thinking I need to purchase the ebooks as well. I wouldn’t mind having them on kindle, and if it supports the cause, well… I definitely want (NEED) to read that 6th book someday, somehow!

    • I have hard copies of the last three books and they’re really pretty! I also have these on my Kindle because it’s just safer to have ebooks if I suddenly feel like rereading them again.

  3. I hope The Sword Dance WILL be published soon! I’ve been wondering about Telemakos for years. On a similar note, what about that short story about Lleu (around the time of A Coalition of Lions)? Is there any way to find a copy of that, ebook or otherwise?

    • I asked EWein what should I say when people ask for that short story, she answered that the best way to get it is to send her an email! You definitely want to read it. It’s a good one. šŸ™‚

  4. What if she made just one? One little copy. No one but us needs to know about it. I’d pay to have it lovingly bound and we’d all sign a pledge to never talk about it anywhere on line and each of us could read it in turn and then mail it to the next person on the pledge list. I’m sure this would work! And when they eventually print the books again, which they must, this special edition could be auctioned to the highest bidder. Me.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with this idea, as long as I’m included in the private circle that gets to read this precious copy! I promise, I can keep quiet.

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