Book Haul: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

On Friday night, I had my favorite ramen (Ippudo) for dinner and (Laduree) macarons for dessert. Since I was in the same area as Kinokuniya’s most well-stocked branch, I decided to drop by for a visit. And after 3.5 years of living in Singapore, I caved and bought a discount card. So I’ll get 10% off on every purchase, and 20% off on special sale dates. I should have done this sooner! I kept holding off because I mostly buy ebooks for myself. The only physical copies I buy are gifts for friends, or graphic novels that I want to read. Since I foresee a lot of graphic novel purchases in my near future, I thought a discount card would be a good purchase. I think Kinokuniya’s graphic novel section is pretty up to date, I was able to find copies whenever I went there to look for certain titles, such as Saga, Rat Queens, The Wicked + Divine and Giant Days. I wanted to take a pic of their shelves but the store was about to close so

book haul - Jan 29, 2016

Last Friday’s impulse buy:
Kinokuniya’s privilege card
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Vol. 1: Squirrel Power by Ryan North and Erica Henderson
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Vol. 2: Squirrel You Know It’s True by Ryan North and Erica Henderson

I also saw two other graphic novels series that have new issues. But since I don’t want to start the (expensive) habit of buying per issue, I’m going to wait until Vol. 1 is released for these two:

Monstress Cry Havoc

And two other titles that I wanted but didn’t get because they’re too pricey for me:

Seconds The Sculptor

I need to read the graphic novels that I already have before I buy more! What about you, any recent impulse buys?

11 thoughts on “Book Haul: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

    • It was! But then I felt a bit guilty afterwards because I still have several graphic novels that I haven’t read. I should stay away from Kinokuniya for a while.

      • It’s so relaxing though! I love taking walks through Kino during lunch hour, esp when its been a ridiculous morning! But I think I can totally understand the guilt…I’ve done it to myself a few times TT_TT

      • Lucky you, you have a Kino within walking distance from the office! The Kino branch that I visit is actually nearer from the office that from my flat. But still need to take the train to get there. Yeah, book browsing is like therapy.

  1. I don’t know how pricey “too pricey” is for you, but I wholeheartedly approve your taste if Seconds and Sculptor are both on your “to buy next” list. Both were excellent reads — although now that I’m looking for it, it looks like I might not have blogged Seconds 😦
    Nimona and Space Dumplins were also good.

    • Seconds was about 50sgd, compared to the ones that I did buy which were 20sgd. That’s why I found it too pricey for me. I’ll probably wait for the bookstore to have a sale before I buy Seconds or Scultor (or any other graphic novels). Other series that I’m considering are Alex + Ada and Lazarus.

      Nimona was one of my top reads last year! I should have written a review of it but I didn’t have time. I’ll look up Space Dumplins, thanks for the rec.

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