Influenced by a Book: Chocolat Chaud et Macarons

As a reader, there have been times when something that I read in a book has influenced some of my actions. Influenced by a Book is a feature that lets me share experiences like that. In a previous post, I talked about how A Wish Upon Jasmine by Laura Florand influenced me to give lavender oil a try. Today’s post is also inspired by another Laura Florand book, The Chocolate Kiss. The female MC of the book has a special way of making chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) while the male MC is renowned for his macaron creations.

My friends Kim and Mina are co-moderating a discussion of Laura Florand’s Amour et Chocolat series. While I haven’t reread any of the books recently, I’m being reminded of them because of the discussion threads. So when I had an emotionally draining and stressful work day, I chose to drown my sorrows in Angelina’s chocolat chaud and macarons:

Angelina - chocolat chaud and macarons

Angelina - chocolat chaud and macarons 2

OMG this chocolat chaud was super thick. It’s rich enough for me to marry! I could have had it just by itself for dessert. But I’m a macaron fan so I went ahead and ordered a set that included dark chocolate, chestnut, lemon and chocolate passionfruit. I finished all of these by myself and yes, I did feel slightly better about my day after this particular indulgence. Just one more work day to get through before the weekend is here.

What about you, have you done anything lately based on something you’ve read in a book?

16 thoughts on “Influenced by a Book: Chocolat Chaud et Macarons

  1. Oh, yes; especially when it’s food related. When I read Jennifer Crusies’s books I am always tempted by the food mentioned in them. Chicken Marsala and doughnuts are mentioned frequently in Bet Me and even though I don’t particularly care for doughnuts, I want one! In Maybe This Time, the main character Andromeda makes chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. I crave cookies and banana bread when I read it.

    I also became interested in growing and using herbs because of a book I read years ago called The White Witch by Elizabeth Goudge. That’s when I first realized herbs and spices actually came from plants and not out of bottles and cans. Growing and cooking with fresh herbs is an eye opening experience.

    And now I am searching my cupboard for something chocolate after reading your post. lol

    • I remember the chicken marsala and doughnuts in Bet Me! You’re absolutely right, when it comes to food mentioned in books, it’s so easy to start craving what is being described. That’s a compliment to the author, that he/she was able to describe food well enough for readers to want to experience it for themselves.

      I hope you were able to find a hidden stash of chocolate somewhere. πŸ˜€

  2. Because of your featuring macarons regularly (and also because of that book) I’ve bought some frozen ones at our supermarket (they’re not all that readily available in local cafΓ©s) – they are very tasty indeed, even if they aren’t fresh πŸ˜€

    • Haha Estara, this was actually the second time I had macarons this week! Macaron vendors make it so easy for me here in Singapore, I keep seeing them pop up all over the city. I’m glad the ones from your supermarket are good even if they’re not fresh. πŸ™‚ Also, I hope someone writes romances set in Germany, the way Laura Florand writes books about France. Then that will make me crave… sausages? Schnitzel? Beer?

    • The macarons were good! Although they’re not my favorite here in Singapore. πŸ˜›

      Aww thanks, Samantha. The next day was better because it was Friday, and I had the weekend to look forward to.

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