Happy 5-Year Anniversary, Andrea K. Höst!

Just a quick mention that Andrea K. Höst is celebrating her five years as a published author with a survey and a giveaway. I would like to congratulate Andrea on five years of writing wonderful stories that readers like me enjoy! 😀

Andrea K. Höst was one of my favorite discoveries last year, and seeing her recent blog post made me realize that I haven’t been promoting her books enough. And that’s a shame because I ADORE her books, especially Touchstone and Medair. The former is YA space opera with an Aussie protagonist while the latter is epic fantasy with adult characters. I’ve reread both since I first discovered them, which is saying something because I don’t get to reread books as much as I would want to… too many new-to-me titles distracting me from doing that. But Andrea’s characters demanded my attention, so back I went to their worlds. My introduction to her writing was actually And All the Stars, another YA sci-fi but a standalone, which I also really liked. Links to my reviews of these books:

Touchstone Trilogy Medair And All the Stars

If you feel like we have similar tastes in books, then you should definitely give Andrea K. Höst’s books a try. I believe the first installment of the Touchstone trilogy, Stray, is even available for free. This post also serves as a reminder to me, to pick up the rest of Andrea’s books that I have on my TBR pile. I will try to read them soon!

2 thoughts on “Happy 5-Year Anniversary, Andrea K. Höst!

  1. Lovely shoutout, Chachic!

    The Touchstone and Medair books are definitely on my keeper shelves too! They’re my favourite AKHs, but tbh I’ll read anything she writes 🙂


    • Oh yay, we share the same favorite AK Host titles! Have you read the rest of her books? I haven’t caught up with all of them. But yes, I do agree with you that I want to read anything she writes.

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