Cover Reveal: Falling Hard and Fallen Again by Mina V. Esguerra

I’ve featured Mina V. Esguerra’s books on my blog often enough for followers to know that she is one of my favorite Filipino contemporary romance or chick lit authors. She recently branched out into new adult romances set in the States, and they’ve been revamped with a new series title: Addison Hill. That’s the name of the school where the MCs study. The books get new covers and titles too! The first two in the series are Falling Hard and Fallen Again and will be released sometime this month. Scroll down to check out the covers and blurbs.

Falling Hard share

About Falling Hard

She knows it won’t last…

Nicholas Cevasco is unlike anyone Daria Kramer has ever dated. But they aren’t really even dating – a fast fling is all they have time for. He’s heading to Japan to play pro rugby, and she’s graduating in three weeks with plans of her own.

That doesn’t mean they can’t have fun… as long as they don’t fall hard.

This title was previously published as The Harder We Fall.

Fallen Again share

About Fallen Again

It’s too easy to fall in love with Jake. Don’t do it.

Despite living in two different countries, Lindsay Kresta and Jake Berkeley have loved each other as friends since their senior year in college. She’s his emergency contact, his “zombie apocalypse buddy,” and his holiday dinner companion.

But now that he’s known as Jacob Berkeley, star of a wildly successful TV show, he shows up with big news days before her big work conference. He wants to save forests again, work in environmental research…and he wants her.

Don’t fall in love with Jake. Easier said than done.

This title was previously published as Never Just Friends.


I really like these new covers because they have a vibe that’s perfect for this new adult series. I’m a fan of the white and mint color combination that was used for the titles too. Plus it’s always nice when books in a series get matching cover designs. I’ve read these two books and will try to post a review of the whole series closer to release date. 🙂 I’m also waiting for the cover reveal of the third book in the series, which has a book blogger MC!

6 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Falling Hard and Fallen Again by Mina V. Esguerra

  1. I definitely love the mint color theme! It’s very refreshing and it’s actually quite a popular color at the moment 😁 between the two I actually like the cover for Fallen Again better. I feel the cover for Fallen Hard is a little “busy”; the vertical lines on the left seems to crowd the cover a little too much for my liking. But overall these are nice cover revamps 😊

    • Mint is a great color, I agree that it looks very refreshing. Hmm I didn’t even notice until you pointed it out but yeah, the Falling Hard cover design does look a little busy compared to the Fallen Again design. I forgot to mention that I also liked the editing style that they used for the pictures – high contrast, high brightness, low saturation, etc.

      • The design for Fallen Hard gives me a sentimental effect, of youth and devil may care feel. Fallen Again gives the feeling of intimacy, something shared between to two. 😁 Maybe I’m going too much into it.

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