New Release: Sasharia en Garde by Sherwood Smith

Sasharia en Garde is a duology that was previously published as two books: Once a Princess and Twice a Prince. I read these two books before I started the blog and loved them. Naturally, I want to spread the word about them. I have a review that I posted way back in 2010. The duology has been redesigned and released as one book, the way it was meant to be. Sherwood Smith talks about her writing process for these books in this Goodreads post. I have fond memories of reading Sasharia en Garde so maybe I should revisit these characters. I remember that the writing had a similar feel to Crown Duel (one of my all time favorite novels) so be sure to check these out if you enjoyed reading that book.

Sasharia en Garde

Here’s the summary from Goodreads:

First published as two books— Once a Princess, and Twice a Prince — this romantic fantasy has been published as one book, as first intended. It is set in the same world as Crown Duel, to which Sasha’s mother, Sun, was once swept away by a real prince.

But not to happily ever after. Her prince vanished, and a wicked king took the throne. Since then, Sasha and Sun have been hiding on Earth, both training in martial arts until Sasha is tricked into going back to Khanerenth.

She’s more than ready to kick some bad-guy butt, but is the stylish pirate Zathdar the bad guy? Or artistic, dreamy Prince Jehan, son of the wicked king?

Meanwhile Sun is determined to cross worlds to save her daughter. She might not have been a very good princess, but nobody messes with Mom!


4 thoughts on “New Release: Sasharia en Garde by Sherwood Smith

  1. I still have the first Samhain book! Never quite got around to reading it – I may check out this new version instead (I read she did some (minor) revisions).


    • Yeah, I think it would be better if you read this new edition instead. I also have paperbacks of the Samhain books (which Sherwood signed when I was able to attend a meet up with her) but they’re in Manila. I’ll probably grab the ebook when I feel like rereading.

  2. I enjoyed this story, though not as much as Crown Duel—I think the whole not killing anyone thing made it feel a little cartoony to me; these Merindars weren’t nearly as threatening as the Crown Duel ones. But any excuse to go back to Sartorias-Delas, and I did like the modern Earth connection.

    Have you read the Lhind books? Not set in Sartorias-Delas, apparently, though it sure feels similar. I quite liked Lhind’s character.

    What I’m waiting anxiously for are the Norsunder war books she’s promised. When, oh, when will we get to see them??!

    • I still like Crown Duel the best but I really enjoyed reading Sasharia en Garde too. You have a point though, it does have a lighter tone than Crown Duel with less threatening villains. I haven’t read the Lhind books yet! Did you enjoy reading them? I haven’t even read Banner of the Damned yet. I’m behind on her recent releases because I’ve been buried under my ever expanding TBR pile.

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