Impromptu SG Indie Bookstore Hop

Last weekend, I did an impromptu bookstore hop. I’ve been meaning to visit Littered With Books ever since I saw pictures of it pop up on my Instagram explore page. I finally got to do so last Saturday.

Here are pictures of Littered With Books, located in the Tanjong Pagar area:
Littered With Books 1

Littered With Books 2

Littered With Books 3

Littered With Books 4

I bought one of these canvas bags from the store, which brings my bookish tote bag collection to a grand total of two.

Littered With Books 5

I’ve always loved this quote because books + travel ♥♥

On Sunday, I met up with friends for brunch at Forty Hands cafe and since we were already in the area, we dropped by Books Actually and Woods in the Books.

Forty Hands

Brunch at Forty Hands. Poached eggs with mushroom and spinach. Bacon. Mocha.

BooksActually - July 2015

BooksActually - July 2015 - corner

BooksActually - July 2015 - cats

Cats of BooksActually

BooksActually - Math Paper Press

Books published by Math Paper Press.

Last but not the least, we dropped by a bookstore specializing in children’s books:
Woods in the Books - July 2015

It was a fun weekend because I got to visit these three indie bookstores even though I didn’t plan it. What about you, have you visited any nice bookstores lately?

11 thoughts on “Impromptu SG Indie Bookstore Hop

  1. I am so jealous. We don’t have any indie bookstores near where I live; although we do have a Barnes and Noble,which is much better than none at all. These stores look fascinating; I would love to browse through them.

    • Well, I wouldn’t say that these bookstores are near our flat but Singapore is a small country so they’re still not that far. Just requires more effort to visit them. 😛 I’m sorry to hear that you don’t have an indie bookstore near you! How far is the closest one to you? I know of some people who are willing to drive to indie bookstores to attend events.

      • I went online and looked; to my surprise, I found a couple (in opposite directions from each other) about 70 – 80 miles from here. About an hour and a half to 2 hours drive one way, depending on traffic and road conditions. Certainly doable for a day trip!

      • I hope they’re good ones that are worth driving to for a visit! Maybe if there’s a nice shop or restaurant nearby that you can also try, it would be worth driving to those bookstores. 🙂

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