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Blogger/Reader Meet Up: Estara


I mentioned in my write-up of the Munich leg of our vacation that I was able to meet up with one of my bookish online friends, Estara. It’s always fun for me to meet an online friend in the flesh! I have been friends with Estara on Goodreads for years. Over the years, we’ve exchanged messages and emails about books and so much more. We share some favorite authors such as Elizabeth Wein, Sherwood Smith and Rachel Neumeier. I always pay attention to Estara’s recommendations because she takes into consideration my reading tastes whenever she recommends titles. She was the one who introduced me to Andrea K. Host and Eileen Wilks.

Kim and I met Estara on a sunny Thursday. We started off with lunch at a lovely Italian restaurant called Cupido. I had a delicious tortellini dish followed by tiramisu:
Cupido tortellini Cupido tiramisu

We then visited Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, the national museum of Bavaria. Estara was kind enough to be our host and tour guide for the whole day! There were so many things to see in the museum and we walked around for several hours, admiring the exhibits.
Bayerisches Nationalmuseum

Some of the interesting things we saw:
wpid-img_20150605_003322.jpg wpid-img_20150605_004946.jpg
wpid-img_20150628_232440.jpg wpid-img_20150628_232114.jpg
wpid-img_20150605_012934.jpg wpid-img_20150628_231949.jpg

All that walking and admiring tired us out so we had to sit down in a nice, shaded area and have some refreshments, which included this delicious plate of tartufo with fruits:

On top of all that, Estara was thoughtful enough to give me some German goodies:
wpid-img_20150629_003550.jpg wpid-img_20150629_003403.jpg

It made me so happy that I had a chance to see Estara face-to-face! It was such a lovely day in terms of the weather, the food and the great conversation. I really had a lot of fun.

Estara, danke schön! 🙂

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Author: Chachic

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21 thoughts on “Blogger/Reader Meet Up: Estara

  1. Heee, thanks for coming to Germany ^^! I loved hanging out with you and your friend. If we could meet that casually regularly, we’d have a blast talking books, media and family. And it’s so great when people are as nice in real life as they are online. Italian food ftw!

    • how lovely! It makes me happy to think of you two being together in real life! So pleased you’ve shared this!

      • It was a lovely day and her friend is as nice as Chachic – win all around, even the weather 😀

      • EWein, we talked about how much we love your books! And how happy we are that your recent ones are so successful. I still remember the days when I was chatting with Estara before CNV was released, we were plotting how best to promote your book (e.g. pushing more popular bloggers to read them).

    • I just came back from Manila so I’m sorry for the late reply! This post was scheduled to be published while I was there. 😛 Thank YOU for traveling to Munich to see us. 🙂 I really had a great time and yes, I do wish we could meet up on a regular basis like that. If I’m ever based in Europe, we should definitely do that.

  2. It’s so lovely to meet blogging friends in real life! I think it’s fantastic whenever I get the opportunity to meet someone I’ve gotten to know online, and to get a chance to actually hang out with them. I’m glad you had fun with Estara!

    • Definitely! I’m so glad we got to see each other when you visited SG before. I think it’s easier for bloggers based in the US to meet up and you also have BEA.

  3. So cool you got to meet up! Looks like a fun day with some delicious food.


    • Li, it was loads of fun! And Italian food in Munich is delicious. Really good quality (although pricey).

    • When I get to London next (probably not this year, though), we really need to do something similar ^^. I was much too shy (though it did not come across like that) to ask for it in connection with Loncon 3 ^^.

      • Oh my goodness, please do let me know if you are going to be anywhere in the UK!

      • *saves money for a UK trip*

      • Awesome! You’ll love London or any of the fun UK cities. And if you get to beautiful Scotland you can even meet ewein, I bet ^^

      • @ewein: Aww, I had hoped you’d be at Loncon 3 last year, but you didn’t write anything about that online… I bet publishing-related or family-related, seeing as you’re usually in the US in the summer hols, I believe?

      • no, I didn’t go to LonCon! I’d been to WFC in Brighton the year before and it was a bit of a slog to get there and we were just back from somewhere, so I didn’t go. Then I had some really hard ongoing issues with my grandmother’s health in the US and I was back and forth a lot and had to pull out of a conference anyway, and was relieved that I hadn’t booked for LonCon. All mostly resolved now, so we’ll see what the future holds.

      • We should TOTALLY meet up if anyone ends up in London 🙂


      • EWein, I hope all is well with your grandma. Sorry to hear about the conference issues that you had to deal with.

        Li, there are so MANY places that I want to visit in Europe, I can’t even decide which one I should prioritize. I really hope I get to see the UK someday.

  4. after food pictures which looks delicious 🙂 Is it the museum? very grand!

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