Books are my constant

A good friend of mine has told me more than once that it’s so easy to buy gifts for me because I like so many things. It is obviously true and you can see evidence of this if you follow my Instagram account because I randomly post about things that I like. For example, I like sending and receiving postcards. I also like washi tape because there are so many pretty designs out there – I have quite a collection now because I can’t resist buying rolls. I’m a foodie so I enjoy visiting new-to-me restaurants that have been recommended by friends and I have a special fondness for chocolates and desserts. I also like good coffee and tea, which is why I enjoy café hopping in Singapore. While I’m not a fashionista, I also like buying clothes and shoes that I find cute especially when I find stuff that are book-related. I wouldn’t really describe myself as a photographer but I do enjoy taking Instagram and lomography pictures. And of course I love reading and I love books.

lomo reading Anawangin

Reading at Anawangin Cove in the Philippines

I tend to be a bit obsessive when I like something so it becomes kind of my focus for a while (e.g. I have moments when I want to go shopping for clothes or I want to buy ALL the washi tape I can afford) but that always tapers off, which I’m totally fine with. I will think to myself that I’ve spent enough on that one thing and maybe I shouldn’t buy more because I don’t really need them. I can live with what I already have. So while I am interested in a lot of things, my level of interest in them tends to be inconsistent. Except for books, which have always been my constant. Thanks to my parents’ influence, I have always enjoyed reading. I may not have been as into reading as I am now (having a book blog enables me to focus on it more) but it has always been a hobby. I mentioned before that being an active reader and a book blogger makes reading more than just a hobby, but more of a lifestyle and I think that’s still true. Aside from eating and sleeping, reading is my default activity. I read whatever mood I’m in – bored, sad, frustrated, happy. I read even when I should be doing something else like catching up on chores. Sometimes, I feel annoyed that I have to meet up with other people or run an errand when I’m in the middle of a good book that I want to finish. Aside from reading, I also talk about books as much as I can – with blogging buddies, with authors and even with real life friends. Books are such an important part of my life and I know that it will be like that for as long as I’m able to read. I know that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with maintaining a blog forever but even if I stop blogging, I will keep reading. It’s just a statement of fact that I wanted to make here since it’s appropriate: books are and will always be my constant. I wonder if any of you feel the same way?

12 thoughts on “Books are my constant

  1. I feel the same, when I look back at my childhood and youth, books have always played an important role in my life. As a child I was excited when my mother read to me, then I loved it when I learned to read myself and was allowed to pick out my own books in the bookstore. Both my parents love books, so I was always surrounded by them and don’t want to live without them.

    Books have also always played an important role in my life when I was sick. When I was in the hospital after a bad car accident my mom read to me, this made everything so much better. A few years later I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy while I had to stay in the hospital, and once again because of books the time in the hospital wasn’t so bad.

    And today I still love books, I love revisiting old favorites and discovering new ones. I love talking with other people about books, I just love books.

    • I can’t really remember the time when my parents read to me but I’m sure I must have loved those moments! I do remember reading books by myself as a child and I loved them. I think we’re both lucky that our parents made a point of surrounding us with books to nurture an affection for the written word. 🙂

      Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that you had an accident before. That must have been terrible! I’ve only ever been confined once in my life for appendicitis and I must say that I’m not really a fan of hospitals. I’m so glad you had books to help you get through that experience.

  2. Oh, I certainly feel the same way as you! I’ve had my interests in many other things ebb and flow over the years, but my love for books and reading has never once wavered. There’s always going to be something particularly special about books for me, and I can never resist the pull they have on me – no matter what mood I happen to be in. Lovely post, C!

  3. Definitely! Since I learned to read I’ve always have books around and I love that. But we share some other hobbies, like sending postcards 🙂

    • Oh a fellow book lover and postcard fan! I bet you also love postcards that have book-related designs (e.g. book covers, pictures of libraries, etc.)

  4. Books are always the constant in my life too. Sometimes I’m actually relieved when people cancel pre-planned things last minute because…that gives me a chance to read some more LOL.

  5. This post resonates with me so much. I feel the same way. No matter what books are and will always be my constant.

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