Reading by the Beach: Pico de Loro Cove

I haven’t been to the beach in YEARS and then suddenly got the chance to go two weekends in a row. Being a book blogger, I think it’s a given that one of my favorite things to do is read by the beach and I wanted to share some pictures from my trips. The week before last, I went home to Manila for a visit and was able to go on a road trip with girlfriends (ala Open Road Summer) to a beach a few hours away from the metro: Pico de Loro Cove at Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Pico de Loro - Beauty and the Beast

I was looking for comfy flip-flops for the beach when I came across these Beauty and the Beast-themed slippers by Ipanema. Of course, I had to get them! And they inspired me to reread one of my favorite fairy tale retellings, Beauty by Robin McKinley.

Pico de Loro - Beauty

I think it’s always fun to read at the beach. I can spend a whole day just lazing around – sunbathing, swimming and reading – by the beach. What about you, do you also enjoy reading at the beach? Are there any particular types of books that you consider good beach reads?

More pictures of Pico de Loro: endless blue, beach umbrellas, moscato, shuttle, greenery, jellyfish sign, pool.

5 thoughts on “Reading by the Beach: Pico de Loro Cove

  1. For me beach reads need to be more story-oriented or else the waves and sun and everything else would be too distracting. But then maybe it’s not so bad to be distracted like that so probably any book would do! πŸ™‚

    • I used to be the other way around, I thought light and fun books like romances make good beach reads because they’re not so difficult to get into. But then now I just read whatever I’m in the mood for.

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    • You should totally read Robin McKinley’s books! She’s one of my absolute favorite authors. Her books are mostly standalones (except for Pegasus) so you can start with any of them. But I recommend that you start with The Blue Sword and Beauty. πŸ™‚

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