Top Ten Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books I Want To Read

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I LOVE reading sci-fi and fantasy (SFF) but I’ve noticed that I’ve been on a contemporary binge in recent months. I should be more conscious about mixing up my genres so I’m focusing on SFF books that I want to read for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday post. I’ll even make it easier for myself and choose books that I already have copies of.

Among Others by Jo Walton – I’ve seen other readers raving about this book and that made me excited to grab a copy (and a hardcover at that), which I’ve yet to read.

To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis – I haven’t tried any books written by Connie Willis and I’ve had my copy of To Say Nothing of the Dog for several years now. I think I put off reading this because I wanted to read more of Dorothy Sayers’ novels first, because I heard someone say that she’s mentioned in this book.

The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas – I have the ARC of this, which was passed on by my friend Holly. The sequels have been released and I still haven’t read the first book.

The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart – I’ve read Mary Stewart’s romantic suspense novels but I haven’t tried her fantasy yet.

Monstrous Beauty by Elizabeth Fama – I really feel bad that I still haven’t read this! It’s sitting on my bookshelf, making me feel guilty that I haven’t picked it up.

Eon and Eona by Alison Goodman – I’ve had this duology in my TBR pile for years! I grabbed copies when I started seeing positive reviews from fellow bloggers and I just haven’t found the time to read them.

The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson – I’ve only read one book from Brandon Sanderson, which was Elantris, and I really enjoyed it. I’ve been meaning to read more of his work and The Emperor’s Soul seems like a good choice because it’s a standalone.

Shadows by Robin McKinley – I love Robin McKinley’s writing and it would be interesting to see what her latest book is like.

Fire and Hemlock or Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones – I really need to read more of DWJ’s books. I have so many of them in my TBR pile and I don’t know why I keep putting off reading them.

Dreamer’s Pool or Shadowfell by Juliet Marillier – More Juliet Marillier is always a good thing. I am so behind in reading her recent releases.

I have many more SFF titles in my TBR pile but these are the ones that I can remember off the top of my head. Have you read any great SFF books lately? Or is there a different genre that you would like to read more of?

21 thoughts on “Top Ten Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books I Want To Read

    • Thanks for dropping by to comment! Looks like you also wrote a post about fantasy books. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to read the books in our respective lists. 🙂

  1. I have wanted to read AMONG OTHERS since it came out! Good choice! THE BURNING SKY is so so so good. I am so excited for the finale this fall! If you like things like Tamora Pierce’s Alanna books, you’ll like this. And the second book has desert elements that reminds me of Rae Carson et al. I enjoyed MONSTROUS BEAUTY too. Oooh, and EON! Great choices! I still have to read my copies of SHADOWS and DERAMER’S POOL and SHADOWFELL as well! Was waiting for all 3 to come out! I buy her in paperback, so…!
    Great choices!

    • Glad you agree with my choices, Bonnie. 😀 Among Others has gotten glowing reviews from so many bloggers, right? Yes, I’ve enjoyed reading Tamora Pierce’s books so that’s good that The Burning Sky has something in common with them. Not a fan of Rae Carson’s book though, I thought it was just so-so. And yay for Monstrous Beauty! Yep, I really need to catch up on my Marillier. I would buy physical copies of her books too if I didn’t move around so much here in Singapore.

  2. To Say Nothing of the Dog! READ IT. IT IS SO GOOD. Speaking of, I’m due for a re-read soon.

    I got the ARC of Eon (waaaaaaay back when I worked in a bookstore) and liked it well enough, and then never got around to the second one. Its been long enough that I’d probably have to re-read the first. Hmm.

    The Emperors Soul–eh. Not bad, not great. Then again, thats my general attitude toward everything written by Sanderson, so don’t mind me. He is very much all about the world building/magic system. I feel like the characters and even the plots of his books are just there so you can learn about the cool world/magic he’s thought up. Which is great if you like that sort of thing. Which I don’t, much.

    Ok I’ll stop talking now.

    • Rosie! So nice to see you here. So you think I can read To Say Nothing of the Dog even if I haven’t read Dorothy Sayers’ books?

      My copy of Eona is actually an ARC and I still haven’t gotten around to reading it. It’s a good thing I have copies of both Eon and Eona, which means I can read them together. No need to wait for the sequel.

      Really? I’ve heard positive things about Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series and I really enjoyed Elantris. Yes, he is very much about the worldbuilding and I didn’t mind that at all. I didn’t think his characters suffered because of it. Will keep you posted on my thoughts about The Emperor’s Soul when I get to read it.

      • I loved TSNotD the first time I read it, despite never having read any of Dorothy Sayers books or Three Men in a Boat, which are probably the two most heavily referenced things in it. HOWEVER, after I read it I was so impressed (and amused) by all the references to both of them that I went and found them and read them and loved them! And then I appreciated TSNotD that much more upon re-reading.

        Short answer: no, you don’t need to read anything first to enjoy the book.

  3. Ok fine I wasn’t done.

    I started Crystal Cave and I felt like I gave a gallant effort to make it to the end, but I was soooooo booooored. So I stopped about 3/4 of the way through. I felt like Merlin let the plot act on him, rather than making his own decisions, so I just didn’t find him interesting. Also, hardly any girls in the story, which annoyed me for some reason.

    Fire and Hemlock–good but weird. And the ending–you’ll have to read it about ten times. And look up what other people have said about it. And then kind of maybe get it. BUT DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU JUST A WARNING.

    Dogsbody–maybe I would have liked it better if I was a dog person? I still think Howl’s Moving Castle and the Chrestomanci Chronicles are DWJ’s best, but I’ve only read about half(ish) of her books so yeah.

    OOH NEW ROBIN MCKINLEY WHERE. I haven’t read Pegasus yet, because I was waiting for the second half. Which I thought was supposed to be out by now put apparently isn’t? Ugh.


    Tatago na ako. *hides*

    • Aww, sorry to hear that The Crystal Cave didn’t work for you! I was thinking that I shouldn’t start it until I have copies of the sequels but maybe I should try it first before decidicing if I want the rest.

      Yeah, I’ve heard of Fire and Hemlock’s weird ending. I wanted to read it in time for Halloween last year and I read a few pages but just wasn’t the mood for it. Hopfully I’ll be in the mood for it sometime soon.

      Hey, I’m a dog person so maybe I’ll enjoy Dogsbody! Howl’s Moving Castle is still my favorite. I thought the companion novels were also fun. I’ve read some of the Chrestomanci novels and they’re very similar to Howl.

      Yes, Shadows was released last year! I’m also waiting for the Pegasus sequel but there hasn’t been any news on when it will come out. It’s starting to become like MWT’s next book, WHEN WILL IT BE RELEASED?

      Hahaha feel free to comment as much as you like!

  4. LOVE To Say Nothing of the Dog and Fire and Hemlock. Dogsbody is not my favorite DWJ, but its good too. And The Burning Sky is so much fun. It’s the perfect combination of fantasy and romance.

    • Yep, those books are on my wishlist because of good things that I’ve heard about them from you and other blogger friends. Will take note of the ones you loved from this list, maybe I should read those sooner.

  5. I loved The Crystal Cave — but it is much slower paced than her romantic mysteries, it has no romance in it at all — there is some romance much later in the series — and it’s true that it doesn’t have any significant female characters. Also, we get a certain destiny-working-itself-out thing going on; I mean, this is an Arthurian retelling. We know basically how the story is going to go. Merlin is not working against fate, but more as an agent of fate, which is perhaps why he was coming across as passive to Sarah.

    On the other hand . . . I loved it. The writing is beautiful; I like the slow pace; I don’t require that every book have a important female characters any more than I insist that every book has important male characters; and there you go. For me it is THE Arthurian retelling.

    • Hmm. It really wasn’t the slow pace that was holding me back in The Crystal Cave, I think. (I mean, my favorite Robin McKinley is Dragonhaven, for crying out loud, which takes about a hundred pages for anything much at all to happen.) And I don’t insist that every book I read has a certain number of men or women in it. I guess that I was just bored by all the men in the book, and there weren’t any women either, and so there was just nobody interesting (to me)–which I think is the root of my problems with the book.

      My favorite Arthurian Retelling would definitely be The Winter Prince, hands down. Maybe it doesn’t count since it doesn’t even attempt to tell “the whole story,” but Medraut was really a character I could feel for and understand. Merlin in the Crystal Cave wasn’t.

      My two cents.

      (Please take this in the way that its meant, which is I think the way you meant your comment–I’m not saying, “You’re wrong and I’m right!” I’m simply attempting to explain my feelings about the book.)

    • I’ll take note of the book’s slow pace because that sounds like something I would have to be in the mood for. Rachel and Rosie (Sarah), thanks for sharing your thoughts on The Crystal Cave! Always interesting to hear what others think of books that I’m planning to read.

  6. I loved The Crystal Cave; it is my favorite re telling of the Merlin legend, although there are others that I liked too.

    I was wondering if you have heard of the author Grace Draven. She was recommended on another site I visit and I thought the books mentioned sounded interesting. Both books (according to the person who mentioned them) use elements of the Beauty and the Beast as a jumping off point for the stories. The titles she recommended are Radiance, and Entreat Me. My library system doesn’t have any of her books so I will have to either order them through interlubrary loan or buy them as e-books.

    • Looks like The Crystal Cave is a popular one. Several of you have brought it up in the comments. Have you read EWein’s Arthurian spin off? Only the first book is a partial retelling but I love that series.

      What a coincidence! I just finished reading Radiance by Grace Draven. It was recommended by Ilona Andrews. I’ve also read Entreat Me (someone else recommended it here on my blog, saying it’s similar to Ilona’s writing). Yes, both have echoes of Beauty and the Beast but I liked Radiance more than Entreat Me. Romantic fantasy that’s very easy to read and get into. Also pretty affordable at USD 2.99.

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