Andrea K. Höst’s Ebooks On Sale

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Andrea K. Höst has generously lowered the prices for individual copies of her books for US$0.99 each until the end of the year. Links to Amazon and Smashwords. I LOVED both the Touchstone trilogy and Medair duology, which I read earlier this year. Since then, I’ve reread most of the Touchstone books just because I’ve been itching to do so. I’ve also reviewed And All the Stars here. I also wrote a guest post for Andrea K. Höst week back when Rachel Neumeier organized it. I hope all of that is enough to convince you to give her books a try, especially while they’re currently on sale!


4 thoughts on “Andrea K. Höst’s Ebooks On Sale

  1. Just popping over to say that I bought and finally managed to read the Touchstone series because of you. And thank you!! It was a very good series (despite the slow start) and I definitely enjoyed reading them back to back over my christmas break.

    • Michelle, Happy New Year! How were your holidays? Oh yay, that’s good news that you finally got to read the Touchstone series. Sounds like you enjoyed them but didn’t really love the series? 🙂 It did have a slow start with the Survivor Cass situation but things picked up once she was rescued.

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