2014 Christmas Reads

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December is here! That means it’s time for Christmas reads. One of the books I recently finished, Carolina Man by Virginia Kantra, was partially set during Christmastime. I’m glad I read it leading up to December. I’m planning to read My True Love Gave to me, an anthology which was edited by Stephanie Perkins. It has a good line up of YA authors but I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it since I’m not very good at reading anthologies. Let’s see how it goes. I’m also planning to reread A Rose in Winter by Laura Florand, which I LOVED. Such a good Christmas romance set in Provence. I might reread At First Sight by Elizabeth Chandler, which I’ve been rereading since I discovered it when I was a teen.

It would be good to hear about other holiday-themed titles that I can try so feel free to make suggestions. What Christmas reads are you planning to pick up?

11 thoughts on “2014 Christmas Reads

  1. Carla Kelly writes wonderful Regency and historical novels> “Marian’s Christmas Wish” is her most obviously Christmas themed one (I’ve read it so often that I am down to every other Christmas), but she just released a book called “Softly Falling” about what I think was “The Long Winter” from the Little House series by Laura Ingalls – only this story is set in Wyoming and its central character is a woman of color. Has a great Christmas section.

    I also alternate “The Lord of the Rings” with Patricia McKillip’s Riddlemaster series around Christmas. Not sure why they have become my Christmas fantasies, but there you have it. Though Susan Cooper’s “The Dark is Rising” also ranks up there.

    And of course, “A Christmas Carol.” I went to school in a very small town and our middle school English teacher made every class read “A Christmas Carol” in 8th grade. She’d been there a very long time, so if you grew up in that town, you knew “A Christmas Carol.” And she loved that book; she reveled in it. She decorated for Christmas by putting the words “Bah Humbug” on her door. At different times I’ve loved different parts of that book better… last year it was the opening stanza that filled me with Christmas chills.

    • I would have to look up Carla Kelly. I believe this is the first time I’ve heard of her.

      That’s interesting that you have some fantasy titles as your Christmas reads! Now that you mentioned it, I feel like reading some fantasy this December. But I’ll probably pick up a new title instead of rereading an old favorite like you do.

      Aww that story about A Christmas Carol is a charming one. Must have been great to have a teacher who was so passionate about a book like that.

    • Janice, I hope you like it! It works for me because it’s one of those nostalgic reads that I discovered early on. I’m not sure if I would like it as much if I just found out about it now.

      • I actually read “I DO” by the same author which I thought was really cute. You can tell it was written at a certain time (it just has that feel), but since I was a teen around then, I like that!

      • Oh that’s great that you liked I Do! Haha yes, I discovered those books when I was a teenager and I’ve been rereading them ever since. Let me know what you think of At First Sight when you get to read it.

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