Top Ten Underrated Authors in Epic Fantasy

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish. I think epic fantasy is becoming more of a trend lately because I have seen other bloggers raving about recently published novels that they’ve loved. I’ve tried some of them but unfortunately, I didn’t think they were as strong as some of my favorite epic fantasy books. So for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, I wanted to focus on one of the genres that I love. Some of the epic fantasy authors I think more readers should check out:

Megan Whalen Turner – I think I’ve made it pretty clear how much I love MWT’s books. I know it’s gotten a bit more attention from authors and bloggers in the past few years but I still don’t think it’s enough!

Robin McKinley – I love Robin McKinley’s lyrical writing style and how her books have a fairy tale feel to them (of course, some of them are fairy tale retellings). My favorites are The Blue Sword, Beauty and Pegasus.

Diana Wynne Jones – I haven’t read all of DWJ’s books but I’ve really enjoyed the ones that I have. I wish I discovered her novels much sooner. I loved Howl’s Moving Castle and also enjoyed the Hayao Miyazaki film adaptation of it.

Sherwood Smith – I think Sherwood Smith writes fun adventure stories and I also love the slow burn romances in her books. I need to catch up on her books because I haven’t read her more recent releases. My favorites of hers are Crown Duel and the Sasharia en Garde duology.

Kristin Cashore – I recently reread Graceling and Fire for a book club discussion and I was reminded of how beautiful Kristin Cashore’s writing is. Strong female protagonists, wonderful worldbuilding and love stories I could root for.

Meg BurdenNorthlander and The King Commands are seriously underrated novels that they’re now out of print. I really enjoyed reading them and I wish they would get more attention. Also hoping that Meg Burden will publish more books.

Andrea K. Host – AKHost is a fairly recent discovery for me, I read and loved her Touchstone trilogy (YA sci fi) and Medair duology (epic fantasy) earlier this year and I’ve been itching to reread them. I’ve been recommending her books to anyone who will listen.

Rachel Neumeier – I thought House of Shadows was a really good read and I’ve been meaning to read The Floating Islands for a while now! I like that Rachel’s books are standalones, which is rare for the genre.

Frances Hardinge – I thought both A Face Like Glass and The Lost Conspiracy were amazing and I feel like Frances Hardinge is a reliable author when it comes to epic fantasy. These two books are also standalones so you can start with either of them.

Juliet Marillier – Another author I need to catch up on since she has several books that I still haven’t read. I highly recommend her Sevenwaters series, Daughter of the Forest and Son of the Shadows are brilliant works of fiction.

Have you read any of these authors? Would you have recommendations for me that would have similar writing to these authors?

24 thoughts on “Top Ten Underrated Authors in Epic Fantasy

  1. Have you read any of Sharon Shinn’s books? My personal favorite of hers is Troubled Waters. I would have been perfectly content if she had left it as a standalone but she has written a sequel to it called Royal Airs (which isn’t bad) and there is most likely to be another sequel as well.

  2. There’s a few authors here I quite enjoy–especially Robin McKinley. She has a knack for spinning a world so fascinating you wish she set more than one book in it–but also for making stand alones that really work.

    • Oh yes, definitely. I should have mentioned that Robin McKinley’s books are mostly stadalones and she has a knack for creating these wonderful settings that you just want to sink into. I CAN’T WAIT for the sequel for Pegasus. I wonder when that will be out?

      • I hope it comes out early next year! I’m not sure if she’s working on it now, I haven’t been following her blog. I know she put it on hold to work on Shadows (which I still haven’t read).

      • I follow her blog and she usually lets you know what’s going on (at least somewhat) but she hasn’t mentioned Pegasus lately so I have my doubts about the second book coming any time soon…sorry!

      • Janet, thanks for the heads up! That’s sad that there hasn’t been any news about Pegasus lately. 😦 I can’t wait to see what happens to the characters we left off in the first book.

  3. I’ve only read Howl’s Moving Castle and Chrestomanci (sp?) by DWJ. I didn’t LOVE those books but I remember them fondly. As for the rest, I haven’t read books by any of them! (I’m not counting GRACELING by Kristin Cashore because I still haven’t finished it…oops.)

    • I’ve only read Howl and its companion novels and the Chrestomanci books too. But I have copies of her other books, I just haven’t gotten to them. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t really love them! I hope you get to read the other authors in this list though. 🙂 Since we were talking about fantasy the other day, I wanted to highlight these authors to you.

  4. OMG yes to so many of these. I can’t even GET most of the Francis Hardinge books at my bookstore, which is a CRIME I tell you. I’ve put The Thief on my staff recs and been pushing it on as many people (adults and kids) as possible. I’d def put Rachel Neumeier on the underrated scale too–I hope you read more of her stuff soon! I’ve read most of it at this point, but there’s still a couple I need to get to.

    • Oh, why can’t you get Frances Hardinge’s books at youre bookstore? I’ve seen them in bookstores here in Singapore and back home in Manila. I bought the UK edition of A Face Like Glass here.

      Yay for pushing people to read Megan Whalen Turner! I would totally do the same if I worked in a bookstore. I would be recommending all my favorites.

      I’ll get to The Floating Islands soon. What I’m really looking forward to is the sequel to Black Dog. Can’t wait to find out more about the characters in that book. 🙂

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