Amour et Florand: The Chocolat Awards

Isn’t it great when your friends read and love the same books that you do? I was thrilled when my very good friend Holly of Book Harbinger agreed to do a guest post for Amour et Florand.

Please give Holly a warm welcome to Amour et Florand, as she presents The Chocolat Awards!


Hi, all! I’m excited to be here. When Chachic asked me to participate in her Amour et Florand week I didn’t even hesitate to respond with a resounding yes. I’m currently on hiatus from my own blog (Book Harbinger) but I couldn’t pass up a chance to talk about one of my favorite contemporary romance series, Amour et Chocolat. I started the series last summer and read everything of Florand’s that I could get my hands on, chocolate-related or not. And while it may have been the charming cover, the endearing title, or the cute premise of The Chocolate Thief that initially drew me in, I found the series to be a perfectly-balanced combination of sweet and bitter and decadence and depth. Now I return to the Chocolat novels just as much for the nuanced characters and the deftly written scenes as I do for the luxurious descriptions of chocolate and the smoking hot smexy times.

For my post today I chose to revisit the standout characters and scenes of the series and select awards for my favorites. Without further ado, I present The Chocolat Awards:

Amour et Chocolat

Favorite female protagonist: Jaime from The Chocolate Touch. I loved seeing her transform from broken to whole and fragile to strong both inside and out.

Favorite male protagonist: Dominique from The Chocolate Touch. I connected to his soft, at times socially awkward center and swooned over his bad boy, leather-wearing biker outer shell.

Favorite other character(s): Magalie’s aunts from The Chocolate Kiss. Tough and practical in their own ways, Aja and Genevieve compliment each other well and make a strong support team for Magalie.

Loveliest couple: No surprises here! – my two favorite people – Dominique and Jaime from The Chocolate Touch. They are vulnerable and scarred and perfect for saving one other.

Steamiest scene: So difficult to choose! One of the most memorable for me is Sylvain and Cade (The Chocolate Thief) on the stairs. You know you remember it…

Funniest scene: When Cade crashes Sylvain’s chocolate-making workshop in her bad sweats disguise. (The Chocolate Thief)

Most magical chocolate shop: No contest here – the magical window displays and bewitched chocolat chaud of La Maison des Sorcieres (The Witches’ House) in The Chocolate Kiss. The magic realism in this book was truly enchanting. I want to drink one of Magalie’s wish-filled cups of hot chocolate.

Most idyllic setting: The flowers, fountains, and sun of Provence in The Chocolate Rose. (Visiting southern France is on my bucket list, for sure!)

Most salivating French cuisine scene: When Sylvain and his girl “friend” and Cade happen to choose the same Parisian café for dinner in The Chocolate Thief.

Most romantic chocolate-tasting scene: When Jolie tastes Gabriel’s famed chocolate rose and finds something besides the rich ganache filling inside. (The Chocolate Rose)

Most sensual chocolate-making+more scene: Magalie and Philippe in the kitchen of La Maison des Sorcieres (The Chocolate Kiss)… and a myriad of others. *blushes*

Book most likely to induce you to run to your nearest patisserie as soon as possible: The Chocolate Kiss (For Philippe-like French macarons! If only I could find a decent one in my neck of the woods. Add ‘Visit Laduree’ to bucket list? Check.)

Do you agree or disagree with my selections? Who are your favorite Amour et Chocolat heroes and heroines? Which scenes are the sexiest or have the most delectable chocolate-tasting moments? I know that I overlooked some excellent ones. I can’t wait to relive your favorite moments of the series.

Thanks for having me, Chachic!


Merci, Holly! It’s always nice to have you over here. Such a clever topic. I would have to think about what my selections for these awards will be.

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Amour et Florand

17 thoughts on “Amour et Florand: The Chocolat Awards

  1. Okay, I’ll give this a shot. Here are my selections:

    Favorite female protagonist: Sarah from The Chocolate Temptation

    Favorite male protagonist: Dom from The Chocolate Touch or Patrick from The Chocolate Temptation

    Favorite other character(s): Grandpa Jack!

    Loveliest couple: Argh so hard to choose. Cade and Sylvain have a special place in my heart because I read The Chocolate Thief. But I also love the other couples.

    Steamiest scene: I think my favorite would probably be A Rose in Winter. Hmm…

    Funniest scene: I love it when Sylvain teases the heroes in the other books.

    Most magical chocolate shop: Definitely La Maison des Sorcieres. Or Dom’s shop.

    Most idyllic setting: Yes, Provence! ♥

    Most salivating French cuisine scene: Same scene that you chose.

    Book most likely to induce you to run to your nearest patisserie as soon as possible: Yes to macarons! But I would put the whole series as my answer because I really can’t read any of the books without having good chocolate on hand.

  2. Um, wasn’t there a doorway sex scene in The Chocolate Touch? That was hot! I love the size differences in Jaime & Dominique and that she was never afraid of him. I really loved all of these books! Hard to pick a favorite!

  3. Holly, you and I think a lot alike. My choices would be exactly the same except two.

    Steamiest: the shower scene in The Chocolate Tempation

    Funniest: the dinner with the Coryes, Sylvain, and Dom in The Chocolate Touch; I reread this scene three times in a row because I found it so funny.

  4. Chachic, we have the same favorites for the first three awards. Xp

    Loveliest couple goes to Dom and Jaime for me, though Patrick and Sarah are a close second.

    Yes to Provence and La Maison Des Sorcieres as well.

    As for the other awards… Hmmm. I think I might need to revisit my bookmarks. There are simply too many standout scenes to choose from.

  5. I love this! Holly, thank you so much! And thanks to all of you for playing. It’s really special to me to see scenes that have stood out for you. And the whole week–for all of you to take the time to do this–it just really means a lot. It’s hard for me to express how touched I am.

  6. Favorite female protagonist: Magalie!
    Favorite male protagonist: Dom
    Favorite other character(s): Aunt Aja
    Loveliest couple: Ummm, all of them? But especially Dom and Jaime, and Patrick and Sarah
    Steamiest scene: For some reason, the first time Gabriel kisses Jolie comes to mind.
    Funniest scene: Stealing Chachic’s!
    Most magical chocolate shop: La Maison de Sorcieres
    Most idyllic setting: Provence, probably, but I really like the way Paris is used to sdifferently in all the books.

  7. OK. Well. Just to prove how it is far and above the best. Ever. The stairs. Without question. Unfortunately, I read all the books so close together and the titles and names didn’t stick with me so much as the characters themselves. So as I was reading the questions I kept thinking who? which? where? when? and thinking I just need to order all the dang books and have a vacation to read them again. Until the Steamiest Scene question. Sine qua non. “The stairs!” my mind thought, before I even read your pick. Made me laugh out loud that THAT came to me so quickly. Unforgettable. I think the next house I have will need stairs. OK. Gotta go buy some books.

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