Amour et Florand: Guest Post from Michelle

Bonjour, Laura Florand fans! Yesterday, we started off Amour et Florand by sharing stories of how we discovered Laura’s books. I mentioned that I found out about the Amour et Chocolat books through my friend Michelle of See Michelle Read. So of course, she was one of the first people I invited to write a guest post for Amour et Florand. I’m so glad she said yes.

Give it up for Michelle!

See Michelle Read
Ever since I discovered Laura Florand’s Amour et Chocolat books last year, I’ve tried to pinpoint why exactly they appeal so much to me as a reader. Since I refuse to believe they are part of a conspiracy concocted by the chocolate makers of the world to convince us to purchase more and more of their product, I’ve since come to the super-scientific conclusion that Ms. Florand’s books must rely on three specific points to achieve their full addictive properties. And just in case there is any doubt; this is a scholarly researched thesis. Scholarly! In the name of academia, I’ve spent hours pouring over these three books with only a few bars of Ghirardelli Intense Dark for sustenance. This is totally legitimate research and not the meanderings of some amateur coming out of a dark chocolate-induced hangover. So! Don your fluffy cardigans and horn-rimmed glasses, as I give you:

Michelle’s Super Scholarly Thesis on The Addictive Properties of The Amour et Chocolat Series


Paris. You know what they say: location, location, location and Laura Florand has nailed it with her setting. Most women with even a slightly functioning romance radar will agree that there is something about the City of Lights and the mere mention of falling in love in such a picturesque locale is enough to elicit a chorus of wistful sighs. Notwithstanding the romantic backdrop, consider the French penchant for fabulous food and you come to my next point…

Chocolate. Dear me. Chocolate. The connecting feature of all Ms. Florand’s novels! Whether you like milk, dark (did I mention how much I love dark?), caramel, with nuts/without, chocolate lovers can all attest to the magical powers contained therein (except for those white chocolate weirdos. Blech. I don’t think they should be allowed to call that waxy stuff chocolate). Chocolate is rich and indulgent and decadent…plus the whole melting at body temperature thing? Talk about a shoo-in for the most swoon-worthy dessert.

And where would the chocolate in Laura Florand’s books be without the handsome men who obsess work so hard to get their creations juuuust perfect? Which brings us (finally, you say) to my last point: The Dudes. If I had only one word to describe Ms. Florand’s chocolate obsessed heroes it would be Intense. 98% cacao special dark intense. Actually, I was gonna go with testosterone-filled-endearingly-adorable-chocolate-perfection-obsessed-dudes, but well, you get the idea. Slyvain, Philippe, Dominique…all three are solid alpha heroes who have no problem going after exactly what (and who) they want. And if they just happen to smell just like chocolate in the process? So much the better.

So there you have it. The secret formula to the Amour et Chocolate series: Paris, Chocolate, and The Dudes. A winning combination to be sure and I highly recommend you prove my hypothesis and read these books for yourself. And for purely academic purposes, just be sure to have your own stash of chocolate within arms reach — mine’s taken.

Merci, Michelle! I agree with the reasons you included here: Paris, chocolate and the heroes. All of them contribute to making Laura’s books highly addictive.

Amour et Florand

15 thoughts on “Amour et Florand: Guest Post from Michelle

  1. I have actually gone out to get some good dark chocolate when reading these books if I haven’t had enough on end. And whoever has enough? And yay for dark lovers! That’s the way to go. (It’s why Dom is my favorite hero. I want to live in his shop. Sigh)

    • I had to get almonds coated in dark chocolate while working on these Amour et Florand posts! I have a feeling they would run out before the week is out and I need to replenish my stock. Love dark chocolate too and yes, Dom is probably my favorite hero (tough decision between him and Patrick).

    • I think all legitimate research requires chocolate.

      *nods head*

      Chocolate is always a good idea! Even you’re not doing research. When I’m bummed about something, I have chocolate for comfort. And when I’m happy about something, I also have chocolate to celebrate. 😛

  2. Lol, I think you’ve perfected the Florand Amour et Chocolat formula! My personal chocolate preference at the moment is Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate Bar with Sea Salt myself – you should try it. I made sure to have some on hand while writing my guest post. 🙂

    If I ever get back to Paris again, I’m definitely making visiting a chocolatier on Laura’s list one of my top destinations!

    • Why is that Lindt flavor not available in Singapore or Manila?! I’ve tried a similar Ghirardelli flavor, dark chocolate with sea salt and loved it. Do you get Sprüngli in the States?

      Sigh, if I ever go back to Paris, I will visit a chocolatier recommended by Laura too. And I’ll make sure that his or her store is open when I drop by.

  3. You nail it ! Michelle LOL superior research!
    Hawt dudes
    Sensual Paris
    Winningest Combos!
    However ~ not any random authors can weave them all together
    & mesmerize us ~
    no one like Laura Florand ♥

  4. Thank you so much, Michelle, and Chachic! I’m really honored.

    On my FB when I linked to this post, I told them the story of my encounter with a media trainer who said I needed to come up with three universal messages about these books.

    I tried to come up with all these fancy statements, like, “At heart, we’re all looking for a love that can cross all distances and barriers, cultures, etc.” and I kept crossing things out until I ended up with three words: “Paris, love, and chocolate”. And she said, “Uh…those aren’t universal messages.” (Really! She said that! Even about the chocolate!) I should send her your scholarly thesis. : )

    Thank you SO MUCH. I’m incredibly honored by this week and grateful that you would participate.

    • Saw that post on Facebook and really, you should show that media trainer Michelle’s super scholarly thesis. 😛 We all agree that Paris, chocolate and hot guys are universal messages.

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