Amour et Florand: How did you discover Laura’s books?

Amour et Florand

Welcome to Amour et Florand, a blog event celebrating Laura Florand’s writing! I’m excited to be hosting this event, with guest posts from other Laura Florand fans throughout the week. If you’ve known me for a while then you’re probably aware of how enthusiastic I can get when it comes to the authors I love. I can’t stop talking about them and I keep pushing friends, both online and in real life, to read their books. Because I want more readers to pick up books written by favorite authors, I started hosting blog events to focus on their work. This is the first time I’ve featured a romance author in one of these events, which makes Amour et Florand special. Some of the other events that I’ve hosted were Queen’s Thief Week (about Megan Whalen Turner’s writing), Marchetta Madness (about Melina Marchetta) and EWein Special Ops (about Elizabeth Wein).

Let’s kick off Amour et Florand with stories of how we discovered Laura Florand’s books. I first found out about her last year. In March 2013, I traveled from Singapore to LA to attend a cousin’s wedding. While I was there, I was fortunate enough to get the chance to meet one of my long-time blogging buddies: Michelle of See Michelle Read. I will always be thankful that Michelle was willing to drive a couple of hours in order for us to finally meet in person.


Michelle and I at Barnes and Noble

We had lunch, dropped by a bookstore and of course, chatted about books. Michelle was raving about Laura Florand, this contemporary romance author who writes about chocolates and Paris. I was immediately curious because Michelle and I tend to have similar tastes in the books that we read. I take her recommendations seriously. I can still remember inquiring at the B&N branch we visited if they had copies of The Chocolate Thief and The Chocolate Kiss. I would have bought them right then and there if they were available but unfortunately, they weren’t. Good thing I was planning to order books online and I was able to include those two in my haul. I read The Chocolate Thief a few weeks later and that started my love affair with Laura Florand’s books. She became an auto-read author for me and I’ve read all of her books since then. I’ve also traveled to Paris and Aix-en-Provence last April and Laura’s books were constantly on my mind during the time we were there. It’s a good thing two of the friends I was with have read her books because I kept talking about them. Unfortunately, I didn’t encounter any handsome chocolatiers or perfumers.

On one hand, I feel lucky that I discovered her work early – she only had two books out at that time. But on the other hand, I envy those who will be able to have a nice glom of all her work. It’s a good thing there isn’t a long wait in between her books because I really can’t get enough of Laura’s writing. I’m really looking forward to her next release, Once Upon a Rose.

So that’s how I found out about Laura’s books, through the recommendation of a very good friend. What about the rest of you, how did you find out about Laura Florand’s books? Was it through a friend, a book blogger or just by browsing in a bookstore? What was the first Laura Florand book that you read? Share your stories! I would love to hear them. Let the Amour et Florand discussions begin. 🙂 Feel free to leave a comment or please use the hashtag #AmouretFlorand on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram if you plan to talk about the event over there, just so we can all follow the posts.

Links to my reviews of Laura’s books:
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Snapshot from a Book:
The Chocolate Thief
The Chocolate Touch

45 thoughts on “Amour et Florand: How did you discover Laura’s books?

  1. great post! I did a twitter post, but I’ll say it here too, I saw a video on Ruthie Knox’s blog where she read a section of the chocolate touch and it really stuck with me. I found a copy of The Chocolate Kiss at my library and picked it up. I read it all in one day (a sunday) – I was enchanted by it and I had a smile on my face for the whole thing! After that I picked up the rest of the series slowly, either as ebooks or as actual books (and both for some of them, plus audiobooks of Thief and Kiss). Kiss is my favourite, since it was my first. I’m really looking forward to the La Vie en Rose series, I very much enjoyed the novella A Rose in Winter from the anthology No Place Like Home, and I just recently bought my own paperback of that. I think Raoul is actually my favourite of the men, next to Philippe. I’m so glad to have found Laura’s books and I tell all my book friends about them too:-)

    • I think it’s pretty cool how Ruthie and Laura recommend each other’s books, I’ve seen them do that on Twitter several times. Mutual author love. ♥ I love both of their writing so it makes me happy to know that both of them are fans of the other person’s books. That’s interesting that Kiss is your favorite because it was your first. I feel that Thief has a special place in my heart because it was my first. Although I also loved Touch and Temptation.

      I’m so excited for Laura’s Provence books. I loved A Rose in Winter too. 🙂 I even reread it after traveling to Aix-en-Provence because I wanted to read something set in the South of France.

  2. Wonderful intro post! I’m so happy we got to meet too! One of my favorite blogging meet-ups 🙂 And that we got to discover Laura Florand together.

    I’m excited to see all the goodies you have lined up for this week Chachic. Can’t wait!

    • Michelle, it was one of my favorite blogger meet ups as well! I have such fond memories of the few hours we spent together. 🙂 Fingers crossed that we’ll be able to do it again.

      I will always be grateful that you recommended Laura’s books to me that day. 😀 She has (obviously) become one of my favorite authors.

  3. I saw one of them, I can’t remember which, in the library. Something about the title must have made me pull it out of the rack (this is my scientific method of choosing new books!) and it was one of the chocolate books, so I thought heck! Why not try it. And I did. That night. Til 4 in the morning. Ate the whole box per se. Went right back to the library and got the other one they had in the library. And over the course of the next few months ordered the rest through Amazon or paperback swap. Have read the last two I think via ebook. Always waiting for the next one! There was a period of time where I stopped reading for a month so I could get stuff done, and I saved up three of her books for when I was done with the month! What a reward. Hope she keeps writing for us 🙂

    • That was a lucky library find! How fun for you that you found out about Laura’s books by borrowing one of them from the library. I’m always waiting for her next book as well. 🙂 It must have been lovely when you stopped reading her book for a month because you were busy with something so you have three shiny titles waiting for you afterwards. I gobble up her books the moment they become available.

      • That WAS a lucky find! And it was ABSOLUTELY lovely to know I had them waiting at the end of the month. Great incentive and temptation all at the same time. Trying to enjoy them as much as possible, adding the anticipation !

  4. I was introduced to Laura’s work by Ruthie Knox. After reading the Chocolate Thief I was definitely hooked! Her books are so entertaining with their sweet romance and even sweeter chocolate. Snow Kissed is one of the most emotional books I have ever read. Thank you for sponsoring this site.

    • Oh hey, another reader who discovered Laura’s work through Ruthie! Laura’s books are really engrossing reads, love the romance, the setting and the chocolate. 🙂 I also think it’s great that she writes about married couples like in Snow Kissed and Turning Up the Heat. Or about older couples like Sun Kissed.

  5. I don’t post on Twitter or Facebook, but I will write about it here, if that’s ok. 🙂 I found “The Chocolate Thief” at my local library and really fell in love with it. Then I won a copy of “The Chocolate Kiss” through SmartB*tchesTrashyBooks and I loved that one even MORE. Since then, Laura Florand has become one of my very few auto-buy authors (Melina Marchetta, Diana Gabaldon, and Ilona Andrews are my others) and I tell people about her books all the time. It’s hard to pick a favorite – maybe Jaime and Dom’s since I just reread that one the most recently! I really love them all, and they are definitely comfort reads for me, because they have the perfect blend of romance and angst, which always leads to a very satisfying and cathartic resolution. Keep writing, Laura, and I will keep reading!

    • That’s more than okay! I only mentioned Twitter or Facebook in case people were more comfortable sharing there rather than commenting. 😛 That must have been nice, to win a copy from a giveaway. You just made me want to hug your comment because Melina Marchetta and Ilona Andrews are on my auto-buy list too! 😀 (See Marchetta Madness, which I mentioned above. Also, can’t wait for Magic Rises! I’ve tried reading the first Outlander book but didn’t love it)

  6. I discovered her from the anthology “Kiss the Bride.” Hers was the only story that I actually liked. Immediately after finishing, I looked her up on FB to start following for additional stories.

  7. Nalini Singh raved on Laura’s books. So I tried. I’ve so fallen in love with everything Laura has written so far.
    I love how much happiness her books have given me. Dom is my favorite hero.

    • It really makes me happy that all these lovely authors are recommending Laura’s books. I saw Nalini’s blog post about them and I think I’ve seen her recommend the books on Twitter as well.

  8. I won her first two books from my comments on chocolatiers in the Bonjour Paris newsletter:) I’ve read all but one of her books since then and now that I live in Paris, I feel even more connected to her work!

    • You live in Paris! You are living the life of a Laura Florand heroine! Lucky you. 🙂 I think I’ve seen you share some pictures of chocolate on Laura’s Facebook page?

      • Yes, I live in Paris and I’ve posted on Laura’s Facebook page:) I’ve yet to meet my true love like her heroines, but I have eaten some amazing chocolates!

  9. Ditto for me. Nalini Singh said they were are must read. Each of the books means something special to me besides talking directly to my chocolate/dessert obsession. The Chocolate Touch most especially where Jaime was trying to get her life back after a difficult situation was very meaningful to me. It’s a very healing book, I think. The Chocolate Temptation is another favorite because Patrick is so delicious, and I admire Sara’s determination to follow her own heartfelt desire for her life despite what others might think. And though not part of the Chocolate series, I adored Blame It On Paris, Laura’s memoir; it’s funny, romantic, and one of my favorites to read over again. Laura Florand’s prose is beautiful, sensuous, and, literally, mouth watering in all the Chocolate and Rose series. I am so pleased she is such a prolific writer.

    “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
    C. S. Lewis

    • Oh hey, another reader who discovered Laura’s books through Nalini! I agree, I think The Chocolate Touch is a book about healing – both physically and emotionally. I love that quote that says “Paris was a good place to fight your demons.” I also loved Sarah’s determination in The Chocolate Temptation, I admire her for going after her dream even if it means taking such a huge risk. I wish I had that much courage. I haven’t had a chance to read Blame it on Paris but it’s in my TBR pile. 🙂

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  11. I just wanted to peek in to say I am incredibly, wonderfully touched by all this. THANK YOU, Chachic, for this, and thank you, all of you, so much for sharing. It’s very sweet and touching and means a lot to me as I’ve been really tempted recently to take a long pause. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement!

    • Laura! Thanks for dropping by. And thanks for sharing the links to these Amour et Florand posts on your Facebook page and Twitter. 😀 Really, no need to thank me. We should be the ones THANKING YOU for writing these wonderful books. That’s why I wanted to host this event, to show my appreciation for your work.

      You should take a break if you feel like you need it, I’m still amazed at the number of books you’ve published in the past two years.

      • Ditto on Chachic. Unreal the work you have done in a short period of time! Sure I wish you could come out with a new book every 3 days ( so I have one day every 3 to “get something done,” but. Like I said in an earlier post. And anyone romantic can understand. Anticipation. Worth every minute. Take the time you need. Listen to your self. Its hard to be amazing ALL the time!

  12. Late to the party. Hehe. No surprise that I discovered Laura Florand through your blog last year. Just wasn’t able to mention to you how much I loved the books since last year was a super busy transition year for me. Although, I have to say ditto about Nalini Singh’s recs for her work as well. And I agree about envying those readers who will be able to glom her work in one sitting instead of patiently waiting for each new book to come out. I mentioned that I did a reread for your blog event right? Just finished my reread of Chocolate Temptation yesterday, and I’m still overdosing from the choco rush. 🙂

    My general blog post about Laura Florand’s books WILL be done by this week. You are hereby given permission to nag me if I don’t get it up by then. 😀

    • I know, I was surprised to discover that you’ve been reading Laura’s books! I had no idea you found out about them through my blog until you mentioned that a few weeks ago. Haha yes, you mentioned that you did a reread of her books. I was thinking of doing that for Amour et Florand too but then got distracted by all these other lovelies in my TBR pile. But reading all the guest posts and comments is making me want to forget everything else and reread Laura’s books instead.

  13. I found out about Laura through you! I’ve only read the first but have been stockpiling her books because I know I’ll want to read them all. They make me so nostalgic for France! Can’t wait to see what other posts you have planned this week.

    • Maggie, would love for you to read the rest of Laura’s books because I would really enjoy discussing them with you. We can talk about chocolates, Paris and hot guys. 😛

  14. I started with The Chocolate Kiss and I’m almost positive it was because Smexy Books was talking about it on twitter. After that book I was hooked! I’ll read anything Florand writes.

    • Hahaha I’m glad you’ve discovered Laura because I started reading more romances. I will watch out for more titles that I could recommend to you. 🙂

  15. I discovered Laura thanks to the Smart Bitches Trashy Books Sizzling Book Club Chats last year. And I’m soooooo glad! My life would be macaron-less without these beautiful stories!

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