#ArmchairBEA 2014: Expanding Blogging Horizons

ArmchairBEA 2014

What do you think about when you think about going beyond blogging or expanding your horizons? Is it a redesign of your blog? Have you branched out into freelance writing or even published a novel of your very own? Or, have you moved into a different venue like podcasts or vlogging? This is the day to tell us about how you have expanded on blogging in your own unique way.

When I think about going beyond blogging, what comes to my mind is the friendships that I’ve formed through my book blog. I love having book blogging buddies who get what it’s like to go crazy over the books that we read. Not a lot of my friends in real life read the same books that I do (unless I manage to persuade them) so it’s good that I have fellow bloggers to talk to about books that I’ve loved or hated. Also, only book blogger friends would understand what it’s like to fangirl over beloved authors. I’ve noticed that some of the book bloggers that I follow have slowed down (or have stopped altogether) in terms of writing reviews or posting on their blogs. Even if that’s the case, I’m still able to keep in touch with them through emails, social networking sites, messaging apps and postcards. I love that I’ve gained bookish friends through my blog and I think it’s great that we manage to keep in touch even if we don’t post as often as we used to. It’s kind of nice to feel that these friendships don’t depend on our blogs.

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I know it was yesterday’s topic but I also just wanted to mention that I love how blogging has let me interact with authors. I don’t think I would have been able to reach out or stay in touch with authors if it weren’t for my blog. Sure, I could send them fan mail but it’s much easier to follow and stay in contact with them through Twitter.

I’ve never really thought of making a career out of something blog-related like freelance writing or publishing a novel so I’ve never branched into that. I have thought about shifting to a book-related career though, which is what inspired my Chasing Dreams feature (which hasn’t been updated recently). However, I still have doubts on whether that would be a smart move or if it would be better to keep reading and blogging as a hobby. I also have no idea how to go about doing that so I haven’t actively pursued it. I would love to hear thoughts from other readers/bloggers regarding this because that may give me some clarity. It would be interesting to see what others would have to say about how they’ve expanded their blogging horizons. 🙂

11 thoughts on “#ArmchairBEA 2014: Expanding Blogging Horizons

  1. I love that you have expanded your blogging friendships _beyond_ the blog! Not sure on the book related job advice…there is, of course…librarian :)! Working for a book publisher is another thought. Good luck with chasing your dream, you _will_ catch it!

    • I’ve gotten to know some bloggers who are also librarians and I’ve heard that it’s a VERY competitive industry to be in. I’ve also thought about the publishing industry but like I mentioned above, I’m not really sure how to go about that path if I do decide to explore it. Thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate it. 🙂

  2. Hallo, Hallo! 🙂

    *waves from the #cheerREADERS!* I am coming to your blog via Team4 via #ArmChairBEA! 🙂 I love how you composed your post to include not only what you’ve appreciated the most through blogging about books but as a shout-out for requests to hear how other bloggers have transitions into real world working opportunities! I cannot help you in that last regard, as I am a writer who is choosing to be a book blogger & book cheerleader at the moment! 🙂 I know I will make the transition into published author when the time is right for me to do so, but I am not sure how best to advise you if you want to get a publishing industry career after your experiences as a book blogger. I am sure you would qualify especially the more avenues you take to interact with publishers, publicists, and authors directly the more you are going to learn about the industry overall. I feel that I have benefited from this myself, as I can honestly say I know a lot more about publicity & marketing of novels than I had prior to when I had a book blog!

    I do agree with you — the doors which open to having friendships form together through the common threads of bookish culture is a true blessing indeed! However, I was a bit fortunate to have friends prior to my book blog who were just as mad for books as I am now! 🙂 Laughs. Through blogging I have felt blessed to draw closer to aspiring writers, newly published authors, established authors, and everyone in-between! I love interacting with fellow book bloggers & readers of every different genre that I personally enjoy myself! Truly, I think it makes the world a lovely circle of book love & book joy! Each of us is entering the book blogosphere in a different way and for a different reason, but all of us are lifting up the joy of the written word! And, to me, that is one reason I wanted to be a #cheerREADER as I wanted to visit & get to know new bloggers I might not have discovered otherwise!

    I loved reading your post! And, I think you’re on a great path towards realising your dreams!

    Jorie’s #ArmChairBEA Intro

    • Wow, thank you for this lovely comment! It’s so nice to receive a meaningful comment like this so I want to let you know that I think you’re doing a great job as a CheerReader. 🙂 That’s pretty cool that you’re a writer who is currently a book blogger. I’m sure you’ve learned a lot about the industry through blog-related interactions. I hope all of that helps with your writing and with your path to being a published author. I’m really not sure if blogging will ever lead to a book-related career for me. I would love for that to happen but even if it didn’t, I’d like to keep blogging as long as I can (reading is a given, that’s something that I’ll keep doing for the rest of my life :P).

      I do have friends IRL who read but we tend to read different kinds of books. There are times when our tastes overlap but it doesn’t happen that often. Before I started my blog, I would try out recommendations by friends only to be disappointed by some of them just because we have different tastes. Which is why I loved getting to know other bloggers who share my taste in books. I’ve gotten so many amazing recommendations that way. 🙂

  3. That’s interesting about your interest in a book-related career! Hmm. I have no idea either. I often hear about people going into being a librarian and and having to go to school first of all, while publishing tends to include an internship of some kind and often a background in some sort of degree like Communications, English etc. But that is U.S. based and I have no idea if it’s different elsewhere. But it’s probably a good idea to say you’re looking on the blog – maybe someone who can open the door will answer. That would be so fantastic. 🙂

    • Oops, looks like I missed replying to this comment. I’m familiar about the process of working as a librarian or in the publishing field over there but I’ve also heard that it’s very, very competitive. I have no idea what the market is like here in Singapore or even in Manila. I think most major publishing houses would have Asia Pacific offices but I don’t know what their set up would be and whether there would be any interesting roles for me. LOL I have mentioned my interest on the blog, through some of my Chasing Dreams posts. I agree, it would be amazing if an opportunity presents itself through the blog. 😛

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  5. I do adore the fact that blogging has helped me connect with so many bookish people — who I can now call friends in real life! It’s such a thrill to share a passion for books with many others, and to connect with people who live all over the world. The same definitely goes for authors too 🙂

    • It really is nice to share and discuss the books that we read with blogger friends. Reading is much more fun when you have people to share the experience with.

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