#ArmchairBEA 2014: Author Interaction

ArmchairBEA 2014

Let’s talk interacting with authors IRL (in real life) or online. This is your opportunity to talk about your favorite author readings that you have attended. Or, you can feature your favorite author fan moment (i.e., an author sent you a tweet or commented on your blog). Maybe you even want to share how your interactions have changed since becoming a blogger or share your own tips that you have learned along the way when interacting with authors as a blogger.

I love this topic! Because as an avid reader, I’m a bigger fan of authors than celebrities or rock stars. I love that blogging has let me interact with authors both in real life and online. As a blogger, I’ve been constantly amazed at how friendly and approachable some authors are. Some of my favorite author moments are when they:

Reply to tweets, emails and blog posts – It always makes my day when an author replies to my tweets or emails or even comments on a blog post. Or when they retweet a review that I’ve written.

Write guest posts for my blog – I am always happy to host guest posts on the blog because I feel like it spices things up to have someone else share their thoughts in this space. Whenever I ask an author for a guest post and he or she says yes, I’m usually in a state of disbelief that someone who writes books for a living would be willing to write for my blog. I’m super thankful that they’re willing to do that.

Read books I recommended – During the rare times that an author picked up a book based on my recommendation, I felt that it was a huge compliment because they were willing to give a book that I liked a try.

Rose Under Fire US edition

Send me signed copies of books – The authors of the books I read don’t usually come to Singapore (or even to Manila back when I was based there) so I only have a handful of signed copies of books. I get really excited whenever I get a signed copy of a book because they’re not so easy to obtain. I feel like these signed copies are prized possessions!

Include me in the acknowledgments section of the book – I can count in one hand the number of times that this has happened and it’s such a lovely feeling to see your name in print like that.

It hasn’t happened yet and I don’t know if it ever will since I don’t think I write the kind of reviews that get quoted, but I would love to have a blurb of mine included in a book. What about the rest of you, care to share how you’ve interacted with authors as a book blogger?

29 thoughts on “#ArmchairBEA 2014: Author Interaction

    • I feel the same way! It’s so funny because one time I gave friends IRL copies of one book where I was mentioned in the acknowledgments section and they made me sign my name there. LOL.

  1. That’s fantastic! I think I’d have a heart attack if an author I’d reviewed included a sentence or two of mine on their paper copy. I have had an author follow our blog on Twitter though. Sometimes being a blogger is like being a rockstar, haha.

    • Danielle, I would too! I would probably buy lots of copies and show it to all my friends and be like “That’s my name right there!”

      Haha yeah, I forgot to mention how awesome it is when an author follows you on Twitter. I feel like getting a screenshot of it every time.

      • That happened to me! I met Mary Lindsey at the RT convention and when Stephie posted the picture of us on Twitter, she followed us!

      • Sigh, wish I could have attended RT. I saw tweets about it and it seemed like such a great event. I would have loved to meet Laura Florand, Julie James and Ilona Andrews in person.

        That’s great that Mary Lindsey followed you after you posted a picture on Twitter. 🙂

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  3. I love getting tweets and replies from authors online. I remember one time I was headed out to another book signing and Ellen Hopkins tweeted “Say hi to her for me!” – I almost fell over. I love meeting authors in real life and have been lucky to meet some of my seriously favorite authors like Tamora Pierce, Jennifer A. Nielsen, and Kristin Cashore (along with countless others). Another moment was when I met an author I loved as a young girl – T.A. Barron – it was magical, I swear!

    • That’s so nice of Ellen Hopkins to tweet that to you! So did you let that author know that Ellen Hopkins said hi? 😛 I’m so jealous that you’ve met Tamora Pierce and Kristin Cashore in person. I would love to meet them since they write amazing books with strong female protagonists. I’ll be rereading Kristin Cashore’s books soon because my online book club will be discussing them. 🙂

  4. I love interacting with authors and going to author events. It gives me more of an insight into what goes on behind the scenes during the creation of some of my favorite books. Even though I live in a major city in the US, there aren’t a lot of book signings or author talks in the genres that I read. DC’s obsessed with politics, and sci-fi/fantasy events are pretty rare.

    As everyone’s mentioned, I love it when authors talk to me on Twitter or retweet my reviews. There are a couple times where it’s surprised me, especially when a review isn’t necessarily positive. It makes me so happy to know that authors are aware of the reviews that I write, because when I started blogging, I didn’t expect anything like that to happen. In fact, it still amazes me that people actually read my blog. 😛

    • That sucks that you’re in the US but that there aren’t that many book events that you’d be interested in that occur in DC! Are there any good ones that are within driving distance though? I hope a sci-fi and fantasy indie bookstore would open near you and that they’d start hosting events. 🙂

      I feel exactly the same way! I’m always surprised that other people, especially authors, are willing to read my reviews. Sometimes I mention an author on my tweet about a review if it’s very positive. If I have something negative to say then I don’t tag them since I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

      • That would be really nice. *dreams of sci-fi bookstore*

        I generally don’t tag authors in my less positive reviews, which is why it amazed me when an author whose book I had a lot of problems with retweeted my review. I was amazed. 🙂

      • There really isn’t an indie bookstore that has a good sci-fi and fantasy section in your area?

        Yeah, that’s amazing that the author retweeted your review even if you had less than positive things to say about the book. He/she must have seen it as constructive criticism. Authors like that are the best! I’m very thankful that I haven’t come across authors with bad behavior throughout the time I’ve been blogging.

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  7. It’s totally my dream to have my review blurbed in a book, and to be included in acknowledgments for one! But yes, I love interacting with authors. Plenty of them are wonderful, and so easy to chat with. I love that they embrace my enthusiasm and fangirling wholeheartedly!

    • Hey Alexa, how was BEA? Looks like you had an amazing time based on your tweets and Instagram posts. It seemed like you met several authors while you were there. 😛

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